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The SRLE Effect

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Lately, my Skyrim nexus notifications, which were 99% of the time comments on VW, got several new entries from a completely different mod, EasyWheelMenu, while the mod page and development had been idle for months.
Why ? How ? I was suspecting something happened, somewhere.
Then, one of the comment gave me the hint :

I found this mod through Neovalen's SRLE


So, after a quick look at SR:LE updates and the mod's statistics, here is a small observation I figured some fo you might be interested in :


File statistics :

(don't bother with the "curve" aspect, stats are actually "bar" on a per-month basis, only the peaks counts)





EWM got added on May 29th... monthly downloads nearly tripled from ~300 to ~1000 in June while the tendency was to decrease since no update had been pushed since late march.



I have to say that I'm fairly impressed by how much people are following the guide's updates on a near-weekly basis. (this is basically how you can interpret this jump in downloads).



N.B. : I also have to say that I hate you Neo, now I have two bugs and one request to look into :P 

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Hey, that was from my bugreport! ... is that a good thing? Don't hurt meh :

Lol, no, bug reports and suggestions are how mods got improved. Though your bugreport leave me perplexe as to why it happened (I had a look and it should definitely not do that), but that's not something to discuss here ;) 

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