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  1. Wow, you found LODs for noble skyrim buildings, awesome! :D
  2. Does look neat - grabbed! Though now I'm worried about having a bazillion tents in the menu between campfire, this, hunterborn ...
  3. P.S. (argh why is edit timed is doubleposting really better than editing argh argh) some discussion about the meshes going on the VL nexus thread.
  4. It can only cause a problem if its referenced directly by an ESP's 'Load Screen' record's NNAM field, so for Vivid Landscapes I think its fine to zap it :)
  5. There's functionally no difference (with MO) between unpacking all the files and keeping them loose, or unpacking-repacking to do all the removals needed by the guide. Its just much easier - and occasionally less bug-prone, as re-packing BSAs is not always 100% straightforward - if everything is unpacked. Well, there is also a minor performance difference - unpacking assets means loading the game from the desktop takes longer, but loading assets to memory during the game is faster, due to BSA compression - but that's within the noise level for most setups.
  6. Yeah, thanks Enai! And yeah, looks like I was misremembering; I went through all the FOMODs - by look at the XML files and searching for 'invisibility', as that's a whole lot faster - and found nothing, so it must be the CACO one :) Good idea. I'm going to run a game with a custom version of SRLEx and come back for the LOTD version when I'm done. I'm changing enough I need to do the CR manually anyway :)
  7. Install mature skin, remove all references from the cr and then use clean masters from the right click menu. If you removed all references to mature skin properly it'll be gone from masters and you can disable it. Well, you could also redo the cr from scratch but the former will probably be faster.
  8. Tbh if you're going to do the vanilla start you're best off disabling lal. Many mods have code that stops then from initializing until you're off the cart, but obviously they do start in the prison, and that end up making problems.
  9. That's not really an issue with Crash Fixes, but if you're worried you can run ReStringer on some string-heavy mods.
  10. You need to download the premade conflict resolution patch - which also means installing all the stated mods - or many things wont work right. You need iPresentInterval = 1 (or missing) in skyrim.ini(its put in skyrimprefs.ini by the game, where it does nothing), EnableVSync=true in the enblocal, and if you have a screen with a refresh rate higher than 60 probably an fps limiter, unless you're willing to run in fullscreen or limit your desktop fps to 60. I'm using the NVidia one, set to 58 as per STEP guidelines, because I have a 120hz screen and hit 90fps indoors otherwise - which can lead to issues.
  11. More like - now that I'm building my own custom install based off SRLEx I was going to add it the fix, I think I remember seeing a patch in a FOMOD, and I was hoping someone would remember where so I don't have to reinstall every single FOMOD to check which one XD
  12. Maybe, but pretty sure a base SRLE mod's FOMOD has one too. Gah, now I'm not going to be able to stop thinking about it until I find out which one it was :/
  13. I remember seeing an option for Invisibility Eyes Fix in one of the SRLE or SRLEex fomod installs, but I can't remember which one it was ... am I confusing myself with the CACO patch for it?
  14. That sounds like something that should change in the base guide too, as CACO_USLEEP comes after the SIC-DLC2 patch in that merge.
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