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Removing HD-DLC with STEP



With a full STEP extended install including the optimized texture pack, is the HD DLC still providing that many important textures? If not I was considering removing the HD DLC to free up some space. Not essential but 4 gigs is 4 gigs.




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If you double click Unmanged: HighResTexturePack0x (where x is 1, 2, or 3) and click the Conflicts tab, Mod Organizer will show which files are actively being used. The top pane shows the files in the selected mod that overwrite files in other mods. The files in this list list are actively used by the game. The bottom pane shows the files in the selected mod that are being "overwritten" by other mods. These files in this mod are redundant so aren't being used by the game. Finally, at the very bottom is the count of files in this mod that don't conflict with any other mod.

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