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BSOD and now all mods reset on load?



Hi, first let me say up until now my experience with MO has been wonderful and i think it's an incredible piece of software.


My problem happened like this:

  1. Start up MO and run SKSE.
  2. Starts to load and then suddenly BSOD.
  3. Restart computer and re-open MO.
  4. Notice all plugins have been unchecked and are now ordered alphabetically (not sorted alphabetically, sorted by priority but now ordered alphabetically). Mod load order seems unchanged.
  5. Re-check all plugins, run LOOT, then run SKSE.
  6. Game starts as usual, but upon loading the save I get the message "This save relies on content that is missing...", you know the one, except it's listed seemingly every esm, including Update.esm, Dawnguard.esm, Hearthfire, Dragonborn, all the mods, everything.
  7. Go ahead and load anyway, and it's like every mod's been reset. All settings have reset, SkyUI starts configuring everything as if for the first time, all my modded armor is gone, my modded follower is at her default location, the in-game events to start the main dawnguard and dragonborn quest lines trigger, and the progress I had made on them has seemingly vanished.

Now every time I load a save, even new saves made after the fact, I don't get the "esm's are missing" message, but all the mods reset again.


Additional info:

  • Vanilla stuff seems to be in order
  • Everything non-mod related, like skills, perks, location, character appearance, etc. seems to be in order
  • I have a ****-load of mods, almost at the hard cap
  • It doesn't look like any MO settings have changed
  • I've been playing with essentially the same bulk of mods for dozens of hours already without any unusual behavior or issues
  • I have plenty of saves prior to the incident (all of which seem to be affected)

This isn't something i've encountered before, and i've been unable to find anything online, so hopefully someone will be able to help me here.

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Saved a copy of my profile and then reinstalled MO. Copied over my mod list, order, and plugin .txt's, as well as my saves, but to no avail. Still having the same problem.


I've attached a .txt file of the log that appears in the bottom portion of the application window after failing to load a newly created game. I never paid too much attention to it before now, so I don't know if there's any real difference.


Most notably, the following lines appear in the log:

20:48:27 [C] request (https://nmm.nexusmods.com/skyrim/Mods/1334/?game_id=110) error: Error downloading https://nmm.nexusmods.com/skyrim/Mods/1334/?game_id=110 - server replied: Gateway Time-out

20:48:27 [W] request failed: Error downloading https://nmm.nexusmods.com/skyrim/Mods/1334/?game_id=110 - server replied: Gateway Time-out
20:50:16 [D] 4 active ini tweaks in C:\Skyrim Mods\Skyrim Realistic Archery - Bows - Arrows - Crossbows - Bolts\meta.ini
20:50:16 [D] D:\Program Files (x86)\Mod Organizer\profiles\Default\initweaks.ini saved
20:50:16 [W] not saving lists during directory update
20:50:27 [C] request (https://nmm.nexusmods.com/skyrim/Mods/1334/?game_id=110) error: Operation canceled
20:50:27 [W] request failed: Operation canceled
20:52:28 [C] request (https://nmm.nexusmods.com/skyrim/Mods/1334/?game_id=110) error: Operation canceled
20:52:28 [W] request failed: Operation canceled
20:54:22 [D] 4 active ini tweaks in C:\Skyrim Mods\Skyrim Realistic Archery - Bows - Arrows - Crossbows - Bolts\meta.ini
20:54:22 [D] D:\Program Files (x86)\Mod Organizer\profiles\Default\initweaks.ini saved
20:54:22 [W] not saving lists during directory update
20:54:28 [C] request (https://nmm.nexusmods.com/skyrim/Mods/1334/?game_id=110) error: Operation canceled
20:54:28 [W] request failed: Operation canceled
20:54:28 [W] Failed to retrieve update information: Operation canceled
20:54:28 [D] Failed to retrieve update information: Operation canceled

Clearly it's having some kind of issue, but I don't know if it's related to my problem.

mo log.txt

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Welcome to STEP @Daskie


Don't know how your 1st post got missed but now that I've seen it let's try and figure out what is going on.


Clearly BSODs are not an MO issue, sadly you have something more terminal going on in your system that will need to be rectified. Could be driver issues or bad Windows updates or any number of things.


Missing ESMs are not unheard of and if you cleaned your ESMs and had them installed as a separate mod that mod may not be initialised and thus the message. This is especially the case if the original ESMs are now moved by xEdit into a backup folder. Using Steam to verify your game will restore those if you can't find them.


The error messages you note in your log are not related to this problem. In fact I have now begun seeing them in all my MO installations, I suspect Nexus has made changes to the login facilities in it's codebase and now MO is having difficulties logging in.


However back to the matter at hand. All I can suggest at this stage is to install a fresh MO into another location outside of D:\Program Files (x86)\, as this will remove any UAC issues that may get in the way.

Then create a new profile and start installing your mods again. Start out small and copy the existing working profile to create the next step.

ie. Create a basic profile with just the basic mods like SKSE, USLEEP etc. and when you know that is working create a new one from there. This way you always have a working profile to fall back to.

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Alright, I've got this figured out.


The problem was that I was above the plugin cap. Before the BSOD, I had some plugins disabled, enough so to be under 256. The BSOD caused MO's plugin list to reset, effectively enabling all plugins and pushing me over the cap.


I had figured if I ever did accidentally exceed the cap, I wouldn't be able to start my game, let alone see nothing from MO in terms of a warning.

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