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Generate DynDOLOD - hold down Shift when opening TES5EDIT



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It prevents TES5edit from building reference info. Reference information is the info that says when one form is referenced by a different form. If you launch tes5edit and allow it to build reference info, you can click on any record in a mod and then see all the other records that use that record. However, building reference info takes a lot of time. TES5edit doesn't build reference info for skyrim.esm at all (if you wish to see this info you need to right click > other > build reference info), and if you want to save time you can prevent it from building reference info for any mod.

Since reference info isn't needed for dyndolod's function, it's much quicker to open TES5edit without it.

If you're using the dyndolod beta this does not apply ^_^

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