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  1. I thought that one got fixed, but I guess it's persistent. >_ RE: Users being lazy and/or struggling to upload complete and correct analyses: I have a standing offer if anyone is struggling to analyze a mod (for example if it has a lot of patches and you can't get all those masters on your computer) to do it for them (I have so many masters installed right now...). In addition if you notice a mod that's been done incorrectly, please let me know or tag it as "incomplete analysis" and it'll get fixed.
  2. mfg console doesn't show textures btw ;) It only shows the last mod to edit the tree in the esp which almost never has the texture listed. If you want to actually find the texture for a given object, I wrote a brief tutorial on that here. But yes, this is definitely an incompatibility between TreesHD and SFO tree meshes (just disabling SFO esp won't fix the issue). If you want to use both, I strongly recommend using the Upgrade and Fix for TreesHD by Pfuscher. It fixes this bug and looks better in general as well.
  3. I'm not sure how this is possible as the lupins are grass and therefore randomly placed. Unless you wrote some magic to make it possible? Plus, I haven't seen it :( (I been looking!) But there is a purple billboard for lavender. Sheson I haven't had time to do any more troubleshooting on that issue we were PM'ing about. I'm pretty sure I'll get back to you by the end of the week.
  4. SparrowPrince, it looked like Better Dynamic Snow would be obsolete as well. As for the rest we'll see. Threeten is optimistic that it may have FO4's rain occlusion. That would mean significant changes to the weather system... enough to give Manga and Laast a headache as well. TechAngel, I'm worried about splitting the community between this new version and the original if that turns out to be the case. Sounds like not from the tweet Kesta linked. Maybe you're right and there will be enough mods to go around even if SSE is not backwards compatible, but I want all the mods!!! And the community splitting itself up over consoles is already happening. I am NOT going to the mod author forums on nexus anytime soon. :P
  5. I think if porting is necessary to make it work (and it will be for anything that has a SKSE dll/injector/etc., since people have convinced me that the .exe must have been recompiled and also that recompiling .exes changes the addresses...), then most mods will simply never get ported. Either preference of the creator or the creator simply doesn't care or isn't even there to make it happen. I'm especially curious to see how Boris reacts to this, since it's basically 100% going to be DX11, if he will finally be happy to be working on DX11 or if he will write it off as more "crapware" the way he did for FO4 initially... Probably also depends on how much of the graphical changes you can turn off in the ini... seriously that video was not impressive. But we need to wait and see just how sweeping the changes are. Anyways if there is porting necessary you simply won't have very many mods on SSE. And if there are not the mods you want, for SSE, then there's not very much incentive to develop new mods for SSE yourself. So then the question is "Is bethesda so out of touch as to not realize that that's a problem?" or "Is bethesda lazy and therefore SSE is as similar to Skyrim Legendary as possible and therefore everything will work fine?" :P If the definitions didn't change then xedit will need minor updates if anything (I mean seriously to make it support different games all you need to do is rename the exe). If they did change then literally everything on the planet will need to be updated and in that case it's a big "Not going to happen, stop trying to make it happen." If it's 64bit then Tannin will need to make MO2 work consistently for Skyrim (probably will be a lot easier than trying to make it work for 32bit skyrim). But generally I don't think it's gloom and doom wrt to "nothing will work!" I'm more worried about handling the massive influx of console users wrt community management and education. Already that seems to be going.... very poorly... on the FO4 side of things. The gloom and doom attitude of many PC players and mod authors isn't going to help either. Nor will the complete lack of management or troubleshooting tools on console. Perhaps the gloom and doom is slightly justified in that case :P
  6. I am getting the same thing when I select all worlds. When I build only Tamriel it works. I left it for a good 2 hours and it still didn't finish (on 2.07 it completed all worlds in 22 minutes every time). As usual I kind of figured it was just something I had changed in my modlist... guessing that's not the case. Edit: Tabbed back to irc and saw someone else complaining too lol
  7. Maybe it's in the wrong folder (it must be in skyrim\data\skse). Maybe it's a .ini.txt file instead of a .ini file. Maybe you need to have -forcesteamloader in the arguments for SKSE.
  8. It prevents TES5edit from building reference info. Reference information is the info that says when one form is referenced by a different form. If you launch tes5edit and allow it to build reference info, you can click on any record in a mod and then see all the other records that use that record. However, building reference info takes a lot of time. TES5edit doesn't build reference info for skyrim.esm at all (if you wish to see this info you need to right click > other > build reference info), and if you want to save time you can prevent it from building reference info for any mod. Since reference info isn't needed for dyndolod's function, it's much quicker to open TES5edit without it. If you're using the dyndolod beta this does not apply
  9. Firstly, 80 C isn't really an issue with modern hardware :P Secondly, sounds like an issue with the cooling setup of your computer, not an issue with the modlist. Mods certainly will increase the demand of Skyrim on your hardware, which will in turn increase their power consumption and therefore heat output, but your computer should be able to handle STEP with ease, so my guess is that the issue is not so much "too many mods" but more of "I've got too much dust blocking the air intakes on the case" or something like that ;)
  10. Oh you poor sweet summer child Skyrim doesn't have crash logs. What you enabled is a papyrus log, which is almost entirely ineffective at diagnosing a crash. (the papyrus log can be found in documents\my games\skyrim\logs\scripts, but seriously, it's not helpful unless you understand scripts pretty well). What might help you is figuring out which mods are editing that shield and/or erik's inventory, and troubleshooting down that road. I've got some guidelines for doing that here: https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/wiki/troubleshooting_guide which you may find helpful. Crash fixes is also remarkably helpful: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72725/? for some crashes it tells you what the problem is when you crash, or prevents the crash altogether, which can be surprisingly useful. It may not be able to do anything in this case though.
  11. Mod Picker Progress Report #6 has been posted: https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/4n28pc/skyrim_mod_picker_progress_report_6/
  12. Thallassa


    In case you didn't know there's a skyrimmodding irc on freenode #skyrimmods: https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.freenode.net/SkyrimMods (loverslab and a much smaller group also have an irc channel on rizon). We won't be doing discord. There is also a fallout 4 discord channel.
  13. Again, DoubleYou, that's not the number that enb is using. Please read STEP's own guide on the subject: https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:ENBlocal_INI/Memory More info can be found on the enbdev forums (with good enough google-fu and translation from "boris" to "english"): https://enbseries.enbdev.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=4404 Not able to find if boris has ever recommended settings for integrated graphics. Still, the vramtestsize tool doesn't lie, integrated or dedicated :P If it were a dual graphics setup he'd have the dedicated listed in skyrimprefs.ini :P
  14. Given what's going on in FO4 modding scene with bethesda.net and console modding right now, I'm just gonna quote Dante: "Gonna need more popcorn... ...and a bomb shelter." The word from reddit is more of: "If they do remaster Skyrim, I hope that mods do not need to be rewritten for it. If they do, no one on PC will move on to the remaster." The most cynical possibility I've heard is "It's just going to be mod support for xbox one and PS4, with the high res DLC also finally available for console." Although does that qualify as a remaster in Shinobi's eyes...?
  15. DoubleYou, the value is TOTAL VIDEO MEMORY, not VRAM. Run the tool for yourself and see: https://enbdev.com/download_vramsizetest.htm If anything he's got it set too low. Although in this case who knows? All of his video memory is RAM lol Anyways his enblocal.ini settings look fine, they're set as per the STEP guide. Although I'll agree with the "need a proper graphics card to run enb". If he doesn't even have a laptop GPU, his computer is not good enough... Rule of thumb - enb drops fps by a minimum of 20-30, so if you aren't getting at least 60 fps on ultra without enb, you won't even be getting 30 fps with it. Like all rules of thumb it varies widely by exact preset, screen resolution, and other mods, but I've heard reports that even with all graphical features turned off there is still an fps drop just for running it as long as usepatchspeedhackwithoutgraphics=false. Also seriously click on my link in my first comment you guys, literally everything you suggested is listed... and one thing I left out: Did you actually put your enb preset files in the skyrim folder correctly? Moot point at this point because you shouldn't be installing a preset, you should be turning usepatchspeedhackwithoutgraphics=true :-/
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