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Weird, non (not yet) game breaking bug



Hi! I'm new on the forum, and I just completed a new, fresh install of the STEP Core mods. I was testing the setup and I discovered that if I tcl while in combat, the NPCs start jogging in place. I summoned a dragon, and it was locked in a certain position (dependant on what it was doing when I tcl), but it was free to move around and shout. 


If I toggle back on the collisions, everything goes back to normal. 


Here is my load order: https://www.modwat.ch/u/RufusLoacker


I've already re-run FNIS and uninstalled it but to no avail. I'm not too worried, since I never use tcl in my proper game, but who knows...


Thanks in advance, and I hope my English is clear!

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This really isn't any issue since you're doing something in the game that was never meant to be part of actually playing the game. The only time I use toggle collisions is if I'm doing some sort of testing. It's not meant to be used for any sort of gameplay. This is true for 99% of the console commands.

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