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Skyrim stutter problem.

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I was really hoping someone could help me with this problem, i just cant get rid of stutter. I removed all mods to test vanilla and still stutters. With lowest settings it improves, but as soon as i turn them up a bit they it starts again, honestly even with the lowest settings the stutter almost gone, but once in a while it does a small hiccup here and there. I'm using SKSE, ENB latest version, MO, SkyUI and alternative start mod, nothing else. AA and FXAA are disabled. Many combinations of ini tweaks with no luck.

i5 3470

gtx 970

hdd seagate 2tb(i'll get an ssd soon)

8gb ram

win 8.1 

latest drivers 365.19

Please help

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If the vanilla game without any mods is stuttering, defrag your hard drive and verify all your settings in skyrim.ini and skyrimprefs.ini, and verify you video card drivers and settings. If you've made any "questionable" edits to the ini files, you might just backup and delete them, run Skyrim Launcher to create fresh ones, and then use SPINI to create a good foundation to build on.

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