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  1. Should i drag and drop from right dragonborn to heartfires and then from heartfires to dawnguard? I found this in falkthread, not sure if related to dyndolod: https://ibb.co/cpDhrQ This is my load order if you need it: https://s16.imagestime.com/out.php/i1115981_order.png
  2. I also have a file called ~AnimationDataSingleFile.txt inside the meshes folder in overwrites, ?
  3. Hello First of all thanks sheson for the mod I wanted to ask a bit of support I installed Holds then dyndolod, before that i used tes5edit to correct the object bound values, from this: https://ibb.co/gwc0vk i basically changed all the values on the holds.esp column to the ones in the other columns. While doing that i found this, which looks a bit intimidating https://ibb.co/eh4Vvk
  4. Thanks for reply, Turns out its a mod i installed several years ago from Steam workshop and remained subscribed so thats why it always installed itself. I just realized and removed it. I was running it in high settings now i'm trying with medium. edit: actorball was a mod that made the player like a magnet that attracted all npc near to him, i guess it was supposed to be a funny mod. I didnt change anything on the .ini because i tried using a modified ini from nexus and when i reverted back to the one that came with enb it fixed the stutter.
  5. Hello, I have a small question. I managed to achieve virtually no stutter in Skyrim with vanilla ENB v0305 and other minor mods, but when i apply Dyndolod in high settings, stutter occurs. Is this indicative of a storage resources bottleneck? My system: i5 3470 GTX 970 Asus P8H61-MX USB3 HDD SEAGATE 2TB ST2000DM001 7200rpm 64MB Barracuda 8GB RAM Vengeance Seasonic PSU 620W Win 8.1 I attached my mod list and this my enblocal.ini(i didnt change anything on it): I plan on fixing this by getting an SSD.
  6. Hello, I was really hoping someone could help me with this problem, i just cant get rid of stutter. I removed all mods to test vanilla and still stutters. With lowest settings it improves, but as soon as i turn them up a bit they it starts again, honestly even with the lowest settings the stutter almost gone, but once in a while it does a small hiccup here and there. I'm using SKSE, ENB latest version, MO, SkyUI and alternative start mod, nothing else. AA and FXAA are disabled. Many combinations of ini tweaks with no luck. i5 3470 gtx 970 hdd seagate 2tb(i'll get an ssd soon) 8gb ram win 8.1 latest drivers 365.19 Please help
  7. Hello again, I must have screwed up, its clearly working because the objects are being rendered but i dont have the Dyndolod menu on SkyUI, any help please? thanks
  8. Can i install the texture pack after installing Dyndolod?
  9. Ok i was hoping mainly to enhance the terrain textures. You use the official Bethesda texture pack?
  10. Do you recommend using this? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/9080/?tab=2&navtag=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Fskyrim%2Fajax%2Fmodfiles%2F%3Fid%3D9080&pUp=1
  11. Please i still have a couple of doubts, to install a different Dyndolod output i can just uninstall the old and install the new one through Mod Organizer? if i do this do i have to do something special in game like go to an interior and wait x ours? Its amazing its like having ugridstoload to 21 i cant thank you enough Sheson. edit: lets say i want to add a mod after i install an output do i have to generate a new output wih the mod i want installed?
  12. Ok i set the same values of the other mods. Its working now i travelled from Falkreath to Whiterun without major problems only some fps drops wich i guess is to be expected.
  13. Ok i put the same values all the other esps. Still i dont get pass loading screen its most likely because i tried to use Dyndolod+Holds+People of Skyrim Ultimate. Is there any way to do this? It loads interiors but gets stuck on loading exteriors. Edit: its working now
  14. I'm sorry i dont understand, what is the number of the first plugin?
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