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Eorlund Gray-Mane (missing hide armor texture) *SOLVED





Today, I migrated my SR:LE Mod Profile to a new SSD (from HDD). Unfortunately, there are some textures missing. One example is the hide armor from Eorlund Gray-Mane.


Is the filename of the armor maybe cuirasslight.dds from aMidianBorn Hide and Studded Hide? I have the file in my loadorder :/


Eorlund should look like this:


... but looks like this (purple): 






I've checked VANILLA Skyrim and Eolund has the right texture for his armor with SR:LE deactivated. I think he has a slighlty different armor within SR:LE. Does someone know which mod changes the base armors of NPC's? ._.'

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._. now I feel bad (and probably should)!


Unfortunately, I never had the pop up "Do you want to extract your bsa's?" ... therefore all bsa's are packed. I usually unpacked them manually, when I could not find specific files to delete/copy/paste ...

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