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  1. SOLVED! The reason was "Book Covers Skyrim", which is redundant and blows up the leveled lists in case Legacy of the Dragonborn is added to TechAngel85's modlist. :-D Still, I would like to know how I can identify the overloaded lists from wyre bash. TY! Sorry for all those posts ...
  2. UPDATE: I was able to solve the problem #1 by deleting movement records from the Techs SSEGuide CRPatch.esp; They are taken care of by Smilodon and Mortal Enemies anyway! Regarding the leveled lists, does anyone know a good source/help/tutorial/... about solving the 255 max entries limit? I read there is a way to integrate a leveled list inside a list while pointing somehow. Can this be done with Wyrebash or do I need to solve the issue inside the Creation Kit? Plan B: Can I create a "Bashed Patch" that only includes leveled lists from the esm's (Skyrim.esm + cleaned esm's + USSEP + Bruma) and let the mods esp-patches (Morrowloot Ultimate, Legacy of the Dragonborn, Summermyst,...) correct the leveled lists according to their load order? I have 242 active esp's, maybe I can ignore the merge from the bashed patch then ...
  3. Hi, I am sorry if this was addressed before, but I couldn't search nor google any helpful results ... Initial state: I modded Skyrim SE along TechAngel85's SSE Guide with some addons mainly around the game changing legacy of the dragonborn mod. Problem #1: After the last update of LotD, I had to rebuild my bashed patch and got the error message below. Therefore I checked with xEdit at the corresponding entry "NPC_BowDrawn_MT", please see the picture below. Is it possible, that the missing value for "Rotate while Moving Run" is the culprit? Problem #2: It seems my leveled lists are too big. Is there a way to narrow down, who is the major cause? My guess is, after reading the log, there are two lists that want to add 282/255 and 267/255 items. I'm missing the memo about which list(s) in particular, to identify the possible mods responsible! Techs SSEGuide CRPatch.esp: MOVT.SPED: Expected size == 44, but got: 40 Error loading 'MOVT' record and/or subrecord: 0003580C eid = u'NPC_BowDrawn_MT' subrecord = 'SPED' subrecord size = 40 file pos = 204719 Error in Techs SSEGuide CRPatch.esp ubyte format requires 0 <= number <= 255 <bash.brec.ModWriter instance at 0x175D4BE8> LLCT B (282,) ubyte format requires 0 <= number <= 255 <bash.brec.ModWriter instance at 0x175D4BE8> LLCT B (267,) THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!! :) cheers
  4. Sheson, your the best Adding tpos_ultimate_esm.esp;00765A72;WHmaingate solved the LOD issue of the door. How do you find the source of those problems? Is that easier in the creation kit than xEdit? cheers, Maddin
  5. Good day Sir, Even through I read the whole FAQ that comes with DynDOLOD and ransacked many posts here, I only get a glimpse of what is actually going on - despite me modding Skyrim for years *feels bad*! Back to topic: # TPOS WHmaingate I tried forwarding the xx765A72 record to my Conflict Resolution Patch and flag it with "initially disabled". Well, that doesn't work :(. Next option is "tpos_ultimate_esm.esp;00765A72;WHmaingate" in DynDOLOD_SSE_childworldlod_Tamriel.txt - DynDOLOD is generating meshes right now! I'll keep you posted :) # TPOS overwrites The mod comes with many meshes, bto and btt files - which are LODs if I am correctly - included. The 3D tree mod overwrites the btt's, what shouldn't be a problem, because trees are generated from scratch via billboards anyway. No other meshes are overwritten. Btw, when I hide all btt and bto files in MO2, the endresult is still the same (and DynDOLOD_Output overwrites the bto's. So no surprise, right?!). Really fishy is the LOD of the Windhelmbridge in general, once TPOS is installed (With or without DynDOLOD!). It seems that the wrong LOD(8?) is loaded too early or undload too late. The result looks like this: I cannot mouseclick the LOD in the right picture to look it up - does that mean its a bto file without a record in one of the esp/esm? Thanks for your time sheson, I really appreciate it :) FYI: I tried the 3D Tree Lod generation over night. Looks kind of better, but the leaves and needles from 3D Trees are missing and therefore Skyrim looks dead :D. Not to mention that the LODs are now 21GB with a 50% fps hit :D (But that was pointed out in the FAQ).
  6. SOrry, I forgot the DynDOLOD_SSE.log. Sadly, it's too large for pastebin, so I'll add it here as googledrive link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gmFZLRnj_ADnuBU2M8JwECvOSw5dFIHm/view?usp=sharing One thing bothers me: DynDOLOD may use the wrong Skyrim.ini and plugins.txt, because they are loaded from "My Documents/My Games/Skyrim Special Edition" and "AppData/Loca/Skyrim Special Edition" (!?). I have an Mod Organizers plugins.txt that differs from the one in AppData. However, the plugin list in the DynDOLOD log file is correct. Very strange, I feel like I am missing the basics here
  7. Thank you for the fast reply, master sheson :) I did as you said and started a new game with "coc windhelmbridge02". Mouseclicked on LOD with active console and disable and enable it works, but the LOD b2008756 is loaded again when I zoom out and reenter the cell (with tcl). when I am far away from Windhelms Entrydoor, the LOD is displayed correctly. The wrong LOD still persists but I now know the source: The people of tamriel (tpos_ultimate_esm.esp). Honestly, I don't know what to do with this information, now. Do I have to disable/hide some files inside the "The People of Skyrim" Mod, when Dyndolod generates the LOD? Right now, I am reading through the DynDOLOD_manual_SSE.html in search for answers, but appreciate any direct tip or suggestion highly :). Btw, I don't have open cities installed and know from experience that near sight LODs happen one ignores the right OC-install-process. cheers, kyoharu
  8. Hi, I am sorry if this was posted here already a 100th times, but I couldn't find any related topic that helps me (or I understand :'D). After running DynDolod like 10 times, I cannot pick out what causes the wrong LODs at the Windhelm bridge. Please see the picture below: What can be the cause of LODs not dissappearing in near sight? LOAD ORDER: - The People of Skyrim - Snowy AF Windhelm - Skyrim 3D Trees [...] - DynDOLOD Resources SE 2.36 beta - Vanilla Skyrim and Dragonborn Billboards (maybe I don't need them?) - Skyrim 3D Trees Billboards 3.02 - Majestic Mountains LOD PACK (works better this way, dunno why) - TexGen_Output - DynDOLOD_Output the dyndolod.esp loads last, only before bashed and my personal conflict resolution patch (which only affects weapons, armors, interior cell lighting ... etc.). PS: Is there any guide that highlights what pre-generated LODs or meshes or textures or [anythin] could alter the DynDOLOD process? I watched several videos already (gamerpeots, weasel, yours ;-) ...) thanks in advance
  9. thanks for that tip! I thought there is more to it. Now I can redo my CR and kick mature skins race records out of it! (had to translate them there manually ... pita) *thumbs up!
  10. Hello, I am trying to install the whole SRLE:Extended package in my mother tongue, as it feels more immersive with German strings. On the other hand, language switches audio-wise are not that important to me, as it simply could be a foreign npc's language ... So, why have I started this thread? Well, I want to know if there is a better way then the one I choose for the SRLE base - Which is with each mod: Check if a mod translation is available on nexus ... Compare the english mod from the guide with the translated one via ESM-ESP Translator a) Either use the translated mod or copy the translated strings to the original english mod + translate the missing lines b) load the English/German Database to automatically translate the most parts + translate the missing lines The problems I have with this method are: The translation changes along added mods drastically (e.g. even better quest objectives, my own thoughts, ...), but I can only translate within the border of one mod (esm/esp). The chance that I missed some critical changes for translations are very high. The results are multiple wordings for individual items, which leads to duplicates in the inventory. This happended to me a lot in the past, as I skipped translation completly!Line paragraphs within a string break the copy/paste method completely :( If the original and translated mod do not match (same number if included strings) I usually use excel for comparision. Only the last loaded translation file from other mods (xml format) is considered as translation. But what if I want to translate the weapons of mod X with strings from mod Y and the armors of mod X with the strings of mod Z?? Is there a way to add updated single strings to the database?Some strings don't work as intended: e.g. I had to forward the races description strings to the CR.esp, even with german strings in the Alternate Start - LAL.esp near the bottom of the load order (MatureSkinComplexions.esp way up higher overwrites the races btw). Ideas for easier translation (I haven't tried yet) - opinions please!: "bashed" or tes5edit "merged" Patch that includes ALL records from ALL the mods! Basicly a bloated conflict resolution to translate ALL strings in one place/esp (time consuming and CTD-error prone)build a BDD SRLE ENG/GER database.xml with all strings step by step along the SRLE:(e) guide (very time consuming)Can a non-english Skyrim with english mods result in string based inconsistency (leveled lists for example)? Is it better to install the game in english and translate only at the very end? comments and/or support is appreciated! cheers Maddin
  11. ._. now I feel bad (and probably should)! Unfortunately, I never had the pop up "Do you want to extract your bsa's?" ... therefore all bsa's are packed. I usually unpacked them manually, when I could not find specific files to delete/copy/paste ...
  12. I'm using personalized Music. While the new tracks enhance the playthrough especialy w/o vanilla music (sorry, listened to too often ), I had to tweak the Conflict Resolution ESP with special care, as most music is not transfered if music mods are not loaded at the bottom. For example:
  13. either one of those: Prometheus No snow Under the roof.basHoththrooper44_armor_Ecksstra (I believe it was this one)JSword.bsa
  14. Indeed, there was a *.bsa not activated Thank you!
  15. Hello, Today, I migrated my SR:LE Mod Profile to a new SSD (from HDD). Unfortunately, there are some textures missing. One example is the hide armor from Eorlund Gray-Mane. Is the filename of the armor maybe cuirasslight.dds from aMidianBorn Hide and Studded Hide? I have the file in my loadorder :/ Eorlund should look like this: ... but looks like this (purple): EDIT: I've checked VANILLA Skyrim and Eolund has the right texture for his armor with SR:LE deactivated. I think he has a slighlty different armor within SR:LE. Does someone know which mod changes the base armors of NPC's? ._.'
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