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Need help to identify mod name in chanlog of Step





I use your guide at a base to my mod list (extended version), but i never participate on your forum because English isn't my language, so i read a lot, but post few.


Before i redo my playthrought, i encounter a little problem :confused: , i don't know if i must update my step compilation (and rengenerate a lot of patch), because i doesn't understand which mod change in your last version.


TCIY is "The choice is yours", but which mod is named as "AICIO 2.3" ?



Thanks in advance for your answer, i hope it's understandable.

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Hi memnochs, welcome to STEP! :-)


"AICIO" is a typo on the Nexus changelog. It should read "ICAIO", which stands for "Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul".


I think you are actually looking at the change for The current version is


The main changes were updating for new versions of Immersive Citizens (now 2.4) and TCIY, and also including versions of the STEP patches that do not require Immersive Citizens. Besides that, a few releases were just bug fixes for the FOMOD installer.

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Effectively i looking the changelog on nexus, i already do the update to and ICAIO ;) 2.4.


So this evening, it's patching party :p, I will do the update to the last version because i don't want ot mess up my mod list after begining my playthrought :)


Thanks for your answer, i searched everywhere the meaning of AICIO ^^, your answer preserves my sanity ;)

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