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  1. I missed this one, so I updated it, BoO's trap door is at its original place and I moved Skyrim sewer's door to another unoccupied room on the right of the warrens (the second one). I forwarded two other records to avoid to bother about BoO and Skyrim Sewer load order. Thank you to tell me about the scripted mine activator. https://sync.green-it.pro/index.php/s/CaNYKHPjFJcXW6J EDit : Link updated
  2. I choose an another way and moved the trap door in the entry hall (right of the sewer door) and move the exit. I finished it at the same time you posted yours, sirjesto :/. If you want to take a look at it and test it. https://sync.green-it.pro/index.php/s/wGcAPdM5mCbg85b
  3. If you want I've got a stripped version of this plugin which modifies only needed place to get rid of this glitch. It was for LE but it contains only few records to forward.
  4. @shandrakor: about ENB, you could test PRT - PhotoRealistic Tamriel, performance impact is not too heavy, support a lot of weather mod (including Vivid), you can configure a lot of things. Settings are very convenient and it could be ok for a lot of people.
  5. I switched to Vitality mod for this play. It is currently under development. After discussion i think author envisage to support drinking because he ask more info to detect water (I sent a pm to the author to explain how to do it) ;) To counterbalance the lack of drink from river, i installed Fountain of skyrim and warm drink (campfire addon). I think about to convert an old mod I tweaked which permit to cook some non alcoholic drinks (sober soldier) @Tzefira: i used Honed metal a lot but it seems instable when you've got a lot of item craftable by blacksmith, no problem on your side ? Do you know if the bug which make you forget all your enchanting recipe is solved ?
  6. I repost that i posted on the discord because it is new ^^: "For information, I did a dirty test (change master with Wrye bash) and check error in SSEdit : Only 1 error Form 00068D73, unable to resolve a dialog condition (01c68a9c) in the CR. So I hope it will not be too much work to update it for Lexy" Relic Hunter addon and Brotherhood of old are updated too For whom are interested, I posted information to make DSR work on it. @xxx78 : I play in 3440 x 1440, I use this Complete Widescreen Fix for SkyUI 5.2 SE Alpha and its optional download Better message and better control. I "stole" racemenu interface from Ultrawidescreen Fixes for Skyrim LE It works pretty well, no proble with hud mod from this guide.
  7. Racemenu CTD :'(, i'm baffled XD I will go sleep, tomorrow is an another day (for tester, I added new script on the discord, tell me if the problem is still here).
  8. @Decopauge123: It seems perfect ! :) Racemenu updated !! Yeah !! I can start my new game !!
  9. @Decopauge123: i certainly mis explained the problem, the method for Windows 10 doesn't work, you must use the same as Windows 7, it is very confusing when you don't know that's possible :/
  10. WAOW ! Just after your bath ? Can you give me your load order ? (or it is the one you linked ?) Maybe we could continue in PM to keep this place clean ;) (funny for a cleaning mod :p)
  11. @Decopauge123: I refer to the classic configuration panel (the same as the one you can found in windows 7). On windows 10, when you type region in the start menu (or if you open the settings), it brings you here : This doesn't solve the problem, you must type control panel and click on it (it brings you to the good old classic one), and open region settings : This one works ! (sorry i don't find a pretty gif ^^) I think this error is only for non-english users which don't same decimal separator (, instead of .), if you want to reproduce the bug, set this settings to "France (France)" for example. Thanks to Microsoft which permit to change settings in different place. I hope it is more understandable. @sm0kem : I'm not sure to understand the fourth step, my mod teleport you or you did it twice ? If it teleports you I must understand how it can be possible because it could be an interesting trick for an another mod XD @Lexy: Merge seems to works as intended.
  12. @lexy: I did the merge without error, I tell you how it looks in game later ;) I see that you dropped The Great Equalizer too, I did a test and face a problem with Bruma, after checking, Bruma weapons seems well balanced so I excluded it (I edited directly the The Great Equalizer - Main.pas file), and it seems to work as intended. About zEdit section, when you face "... not a valid floating point value" error, you say to change region to English (USA). Maybe it could be nice to specify that you need to go through configuration panel and change region settings, because (in Windows 10), you can change it in settings directly and it doesn't work :/
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