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Latest STEP missing stuff?



Such as Bellyaches and the likes? They're all there in the previous version of STEP but not in the latest.

I've followed all of STEP, installed all the mods (some optional I didnt as they're useless) using MO.


Im at the STEP Compilation part now (2.N. Patchesand confused, Im not eligible for Step Extended but I am for Core. What am I missing?


Looking at this page



Theres a ton of mods below such as Bellyaches, none of these are present on the STEP guide. Why? Do I have to download these all from this above page or are they ALL included in the Compilation.

Seems to be no way to see what is included in the Compilation or if you need to Download these mods from that page.


What should I do?


Also I'd like to install a gameplay overhaul such as Requiem or SkyRe+PerMa and Climates of Tamriel. What do I need to do?
Since the Guide tells you not to install any of the compatibility esps for Req/Skyre etc. And I aint gonna start over.

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The mods lists are the mods that are included in the Compilation. No need to download them. We've combined them for you into one mod. Also, if you can't select the Extended patch, then look at the opening post of the Compilation topic.

I checked that post, I have all the mods listed there, so its strange.


The Compilation didnt install Bellyaches among many other mods.

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