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Will DDScopt work for me



This is my second go-round with MO and I have made the decision to try following the STEP Guide.  I am running on Windows 7 - 64-bit OS.  I have started with a fresh install of STEAM and have deleted all old saves from the game.  Also I have deleted MO from my computer and all of the mods.  I completely have started from scratch.  New downloads of MO and all and I mean all of my mods.  Off to a poor start.


Stuck already at 1.C. Installing Utilities.

I intend on using Mod Organizer, Loot and TES5Edit.  Is it imperative to use DDSopt?

Reading the description of DDSopt on Nexus it states that it requires VISTA (and up).

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Hey Tomack. I recommend not messing around with DDSopt and just use the STEP Vanilla Optimized Textures (installed during 2.D Fixes).


DDSopt is a great tool, but by far the most benefit is found from optimizing the vanilla Skyrim textures, which STEP has already done. Optimizing the textures of the other mods helps FPS a little bit, but I don't think it's worth the hassle for most users.

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