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TESV.exe Application Error after STEP Installation 2.C



Hey Guys,

i was just trying out the STEP guide to install STEP.
Everything worked fine till step 2.
Skyrim was just starting fine after step 1.F .
So i did step 2.a, 2.b and from step 2.c i installed enboost and the skse.
When i tried to start skse in the mod manager first, i got the error that D3DX9_43.dll is missing.
I downloaded it and placed it in the skyrim\ folder. Now when i try to start skse through mod manager i get the error:


TESV.exe Application Error
The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). ...

I get the same errors when i try to start the TESV.exe in the skyrim folder.
When i try to start it through steam, i get the message: SKyrim Launcher has stopped working.


I already tried to reinstall the c++ redist, but this didnt help. The verify integry of game cache option from steam found only 1 corrupted file and restored it.

Couldnt find any other options in the forum or web to fix it, maybe you guys can help me with that :)

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