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Upgrade and fix for TreesHD

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Hi fellow modders.


I have completed the Revisited Guide and the game looks absolutely fantastic.. still working on my FPS though :D

But there are some problems with Pine trees having seams for 2 different textures. I think this has something to do with "Upgrade and fix for TreesHD". If you look at its mod site, people report problems with Skyrim Flora Overhaul 2.3.


This is the seam I'm talking about:





Any idea how to fix it temporarily? Or is it possible for Neovalen to update its Revisited guide for a fix?




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Hiding the files (from TreesHD) recommended in the guide worked for me. Tho my texture problem looked slightly different, here's a screenshot:




As you can see the bright texture is repeated at the very top of the screen.


In detail my problem was a misinterpretation of the guide. It told me to hide several files names blahblah*.dds.

As I couldn't find any files with that * symbol I just didn't hide them. After some thinking I figured out that * means hiding every file with ...blahblah*.dds where the * stands for anything like _n and whatever the files are named. After hiding them in MO everything worked fine.

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Trees HD - Skyrim Variation

Author: namotep

Version: 1.6 (Ultra)

Special Installation: Do not install the following file(s) and/or folder(s):

  • meshes folder
  • textures/landscape/trees/treepineforestbarkcomp3*.dds
  • textures/landscape/trees/Vurt_Pine*.dds

He wants you to hide or delete the meshes folder / treepineforestbarkcomp3.dds AND treepineforestbarkcomp3_n.dds

He also wants you to delete Vurt_Pine01.dds AND Vurt_Pine02.dds



Trees HD - Skyrim Variation - Upgrade and Fix

Author: Pfuscher aka Zerwas1

Version: 1.0

Special Installation: Do not install the following file(s) and/or folder(s):

  • textures/landscape/trees/treepineforestbarkcomp3*.dds

He wants you to hide or delete treepineforestbarkcomp3.dds AND treepineforestbarkcomp3_n.dds



Vivid Landscapes - All In One

Author: Hein84

Version: 2.8 (2048 Loose Files)

Optionals: Enhanced Lights and FX Compatibility Patch, Moss Rocks - Compatibility Patch, SMIM Farmhouse Stuff, Vivid Landscapes - Tundra Ground from Skyrim HD in 2k

Special Installation: Do not install the following file(s) and/or folder(s):

Main File:

  • textures/architecture/farmhouse/pelt*.dds (Peltapalooza is superior.
  • meshes/architecture/farmhouse/interior/basement/farmbtrapdoor02.nif (Preserve Animated Clutter Animations.)



Basically he wants you to delete all pelt files you'll find in textures/architecture/farmhouse

If he had said to hide or delete meshes/architecture/farmhouse/interior/basement/farmbtrapdoor* then you would hide or remove all files in that folder named farmbtrapdoor. Instead he is telling you to ONLY hide or delete farmbtrapdoor02.nif


FILE EXTENSIONS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNL9o9TaUHA&feature=iv&src_vid=Oh90E1tdkKs&annotation_id=annotation_205837309



If installing optional files for a mod, it should be installed as a separate mod in Mod Organizer rather than merged into the main mod.

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I should have been more clear, although the effort to clarify the instructions is much appreciated and helps show what a great community this is.


The point of my post was to lament that we're stuck with less than ideal textures on something as ubiquitous as pine tree trunks...


(By less than ideal I mean the sfo trunks, They look pretty awful. but the rest of the mod is so great and I really love the increased tree sizes, which is causing the need to hide files in treeshd)

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I can confirm (for my setup atleast) that this issue isn't going away unless I disable Trees HD & the FIX


I would like to think disabling certain files may resolve the issue, I'll tinker some more. 


I think disabling treepineforestbarkcomp3.dds & treepineforestbarkcomp3_n.dds may have something to do with this. I'll re-download / install these mods and mess around.

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