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Camera glitch when activating ore or woodcutting block.



Haven't found a way to reliably reproduce this, but I've found that if you continually hit activate from the same position (like if you saved first) it seems to happen more often. Basically what happens is: you activate the node and it goes into third person if it isn't already, the mining ore or cutting of wood never actually starts, and your camera is now locked. Moving the mouse will turn your character as if it was in first person, a and d keys will strafe, w will move the character in the direction (s)he is facing, but the camera cannot move. I've tried various console commands to try to fix the bug after it happens but nothing works. The only way to fix it is to successfully activate ore or woodcutting and have the animation finish, but this is extremely difficult to do with the camera angle locked into place.


I'm running 99% of STEP Extended alongside Skyrim Gameplay Rebalance and Dovahkiin Reborn, with a few very small mods that I consider essential. I originally thought it might be a problem with Enhanced Camera, so I disabled it and tried again, it still happened.


https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Battlecarrier/SystemSpecs - System specs

[spoiler=Differences between my setup and STEP]-Immersive Horses instead of Convenient Horses
-Simple Drop Lit Torches instead of SM Drop Lit Torches
-Wet & Cold, Birds and Flocks, and Smarter Combat Music disabled due to papyrus spam as part of troubleshooting another issue

And additional small mods I consider essential:
-Climates of Tamriel V
-Vividian ENB
-Animal Tweaks w/ OBIS Patch
-Artifacts Enhanced and Deleveled
-SkyRe Artifacts (for use with PerMa)
-Disable Auto-Aim
-Bound Armory Light w/ no damage scaling patch
-All-Maker Stones Power
-Follower Commentary Overhaul
-AH Hotkeys
-VioLens - A Killmove Mod
-More Summonables (From the Steam Workshop) w/ custom patch to fix conflicts






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