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Change to live STEP Guide v2.2.9.1


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This is to notify all users of a change that has been made to the live Guide. Normally, this is something that we rarely do; however, users have been taking advantage of a new option in The Ruffled Feather, so the Guide has been updated to reflect.


Moss Rocks - Dragonborn has been removed from the Guide and replaced by the Legendary version found in the new The Ruffled Feather (RF) update. The Ruffled Feather FOMOD has been updated to reflect the new option. The STEP option in the RF installer will now install the Legendary version. As a result of this change, DynDOLOD must be updated. Now would be a good opportunity to download the latest version of both mods and update them both. Please use the DynDOLOD updating instructions found in the manual while updating it (found in the Docs folder during install).


Changelog: https://wiki.step-project.com/Changelog/

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