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Kudos to the STEP Community!


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It works! I'm new to modding and just finished installing STEP Core on my older PC.  The results are amazing and have breathed new life into Skyrim!  I'm sure tweaking will be an ongoing process but I'm enjoying it. I'll be installing a few gameplay mods or maybe a STEP Pack next.


To all those people whining that STEP installation is too hard or takes too long -  remember that sometimes it's also about the journey, not just the destination. Learning is a process and if you're not willing to be patient & learn then modding is obviously not for you.


Yes, sometimes I made mistakes & had to backtrack & re-read or watch another video (the STEP video series is awesome btw)

I got stuck and had to look up terms & search comments & try a few different things as this obviously isn't a static process. It was worth it & I'm looking forward to learning much more and maybe contributing at some point.


Kudos to all involved in this project. :)

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