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STEP Extended Patch: Remove dependencies or install patches?



Hey guys,


I'm almost finished with my STEP install and due to Requiem compatibility and less script load on my setting I left out some mods like Enhanced Blood Textures etc.

I'm missing 4 masters for the STEP: Extended patch. My question is now, should I just install the 4 mods and remove the dependencies with TES5Edit, or should I go with the CORE Patch and manually add the needed .esp patches for some mods? Is the STEP Patch important?


Thanks for help

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The STEP Patches are nothing more than manually created merged and compatibility patches for the mods in STEP. We provide these so users won't have to do it manually and for those that don't even know how to make patches themselves. The STEP Patches are a good foundation for building your own custom patches, assuming you have install the mods required. If you already know how to do this (sounds like you do), you can simply go with Core and manually add what you need to add.

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