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reinstalling skyrim, wondering how it would work




So ive been getting the "loading screen of disk not fast enough" sporadically lately. I think i have come to a solution, but im nowhere near sure itll work. What im thinking of doing is reinstalling Skyrim to my SSD (c:\) and leaving MO and my mods on my slow-*** spinner (WD Blue 5400rpm). Question is, will it work? And if yes, will it solve the issue? Seems like it should due to the way MO works.

Any info is greatly appreciated :D

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you will need to install Skyrim + MO on your ssd, because Skyrim and MO will still need to read and process all the mods data. MO creates a virtual directory, not a physical one, so all the textures and such are still read from their real location.


What you can have without problems outside your ssd is MO download folder.

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sorry if my answer was confusing, GrantSP is totally right that you don't need to have both Skyrim+MO in your SSD for running skyrim, but what I was trying to communicate is that you will need to install MO in your SSD if you want all your mods to be read from the SSD. If the mods reside in your slow 5400 drive, your performance will be impacted even if Skyrim is on a SSD, but probably will still be better that if you have everything on the 5400 drive. How much better? No idea.


Yo can also try to optimize you textures and delete duplicate files, you would be amazed at how much space you can free.

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There are a few alternatives here given the flexibility of Mod Organizer. The simple answers are all or nothing:

  • If you have the disk space, install all of Mod Organizer on the SSD.
  • If you don't have sufficient space at all, install Mod Organizer on the HDD.

There are also a couple more "complex" answers that can be fairly easy to implement:

  • Install Mod Organizer on the SSD, but use a custom configuration so the Downloads folder is on the HDD
  • Install Mod Organizer on the HDD, but use a custom configuration so the Mods folder is on the SSD

Both of these can be done by going into Settings (the wrench/screwdriver icon in the toolbar at the top), checking Advanced in the General tab, configuring either the Download Directory or the Mod Directory, and clicking OK. This gives somewhat of a distributed storage system so the plugins and resources (meshes, textures, scripts, audio, etc.) are loaded from the faster SSD instead of the slower HDD. Whether this is a viable option depends on whether you have sufficient storage space on the SSD to store the Mods folder.

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