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  1. sorry if my answer was confusing, GrantSP is totally right that you don't need to have both Skyrim+MO in your SSD for running skyrim, but what I was trying to communicate is that you will need to install MO in your SSD if you want all your mods to be read from the SSD. If the mods reside in your slow 5400 drive, your performance will be impacted even if Skyrim is on a SSD, but probably will still be better that if you have everything on the 5400 drive. How much better? No idea. Yo can also try to optimize you textures and delete duplicate files, you would be amazed at how much space you can free.
  2. you will need to install Skyrim + MO on your ssd, because Skyrim and MO will still need to read and process all the mods data. MO creates a virtual directory, not a physical one, so all the textures and such are still read from their real location. What you can have without problems outside your ssd is MO download folder.
  3. the texture of BoS is a male falmer. Te extra content of dawnguard (not covered by BoS but yes by this mod) is a female falmer and an armour (and falmer vampire teeth). I think it would be better to install this mod and just hide the male falmer.
  4. Even the author of SkyFalls and SkyMills says that if you use DynDOLOD this mod is (mostly) redundant. From SkyFalls and SkyMills nexus page:
  5. rocksedgetrim01_n.dds and snowrocks01_n.dds are not on that list (but maybe are overwritten by another mod, don't know). Anyway, I just wanted to mark out the problem in case you didn't know.
  6. ok, landscape folder is way better but still has some mismatches I think, for example rocksedgetrim01 and road01 I don't know exactly which textures are used in STEP (I don't have a STEP set-up ATM) so I cant test, sorry.
  7. Hi, I don't have anything personal against this mod, but has someone checked the normal maps?? Most of them are quite bad and even mismatch the textures. Knowing all the hard testing I know you do at STEP, I'm a little surprised no one pointed this out. I posted on reddit about this problem and got a confirmation by another user. His remark was this: you can see an example with this screenshot. \textures\architecture\solitude\sfloorhouse01.dds\textures\architecture\solitude\sfloorhouse01_n.dds
  8. if that was true, a mod with 970,359 unique downloads for certain would have its comments page full of complains and an active modder like 3jiou would be concerned about it. That is not the case. A CTD can be caused by so many different factors (bad load order, bad scripts from other mods, broken saves, hardware limitations, bad drivers, skyrim engine bugs, user errors)... you should check your facts and do a proper testing before spreading bull*hit.
  9. a "don't use, don't use!" without further explanation is quite useless...
  10. and why not? RL castles had wooden doors... just search google images or see a mediaeval movie and you will find numerous examplesvanilla doors are the non realistic ones IMHO Gate of Tiverton Castle (UK)
  11. I don't think so, I just installed it and I don't see any conflict with my very heavily modded installation. It looks like a good companion to EotW Mage Robes of Skyrim - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/50445
  12. hoooo!!! I was searching for a good retexture of that damn door since... forever! SRO is also 2K but from close it looks like a bad upscale version of vanilla, is just very pixeled. This door is huge and the bad quality is very noticeable in game (you also can open the sdoorgate01.dds file and scale it to 100% to see what I mean). The only problem for STEP is that indeed it does deviate from vanilla in style.
  13. the one I checked was Skyrim Flora Overhaul Regular Edition 1.91
  14. in relation with SFO, I checked myself and got also a confirmation by the author himself, for what I know this fix and SFO are COMPATIBLE after all: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/910030-flora-respawn-fix/page-13#entry11859615
  15. don't know what file conflicts you are seeing, but the path for CoT textures is /sky/climatesoftamrielpath for Dramatic Clouds textures is /sky/
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