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MO "restore point"



Hey guys, im wondering if its at all possible to create a sort of "restore point" for MO. Ive been having serious issues with my game (im one of those guys that has 100+ mods installed) and would like to back up all the mods and their settings before going further (still need to reinstall some of the animation mods to get my daggers/swords back on my back...) Any help is greatly appreciated!


EDIT -> can i just copy everything from the MO folder to some other location and if anything breaks again just copy and overwrite everything?

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Yes, you can copy the Mod Organizer folder in its entirety to some other location and use this as a backup. I do this after making changes t o a profile so I have good backup copy in case something happens and it generally works well. You can also do this to quickly get Mod Organizer up and running on a new computer if you upgrade at some point (so you don't have to setup all those profiles from scratch).

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I'm looking for info on how to restore my mods after reinstalling Skyrim. I have a nice stable game with well over 200 mods. I don't want to risk having to reinstall, configure and troubleshoot all of that again!


For instance, if I go to a new computer, is it just simply a matter of reinstalling Skyrim, copy/pasting the MO folder and firing up Skyrim?


(That sounds way too easy!)

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