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SUM - Unpredicatable Patch Creation


Something is bothering me since I have installed SR:LE
SUM Patch Creation for ASIS & Dual Sheath Redux

I always run SUM everythime I add/remove a mod and only after letting LOOT sorts the mods

I set SUM and the patches as instructed by Neovalen but when SUM has finished working it's a kind of a lottery:

  • Sometimes my Overwrite folder only have the SkyProc Patchers folder (with both ASIS & Dual Sheath Redux sub-folders) but no esp.
  • Some other times my Overwrite folder have the SkyProc Patchers folder (with both ASIS & Dual Sheath Redux sub-folders), ASIS.esp but no Dual Sheath Redux Patch.esp.
  • Finally sometimes miracle happens and I get everything, SkyProc Patchers folder and the 2 ESP.

Is this normal ?

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Short answer: Yes, normal.


Long answer:

1st case, no patch needed an update. Only logs for both updated.

2nd case, only ASIS needed an update. Logs for both updated.

3rd case, both needed an update. Logs for both updated.


If you select force patches check box both will always update.

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Thank you
I tought esp were always created and that #1 and #2 were bugs, so I was trying and trying till I got both esp ::P:

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