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  1. Hey thanks, How would i go about and remove this though? Do i delete the record on the left? [0A00AA19] ?
  2. Hello, I have followed your guide (the stable version) and i am now at the finishing line. However i noticed an issue with "OMEGA Followers and NPCs - Conflict Resolution". I am not using the "M'rissi's Tails of Troubles SE" or "Song of the green" mod so the .esp of OMEGA Followers and NPCs - Conflict Resolution says it's missing two masters, from M'rissi's Tails of Troubles SE and Song of the green. How do i proceed here? Do i not use the "OMEGA Followers and NPCs - Conflict Resolution" mod? Or can i safely ignore the warnings of missing masters?
  3. I just updated frostfall and Campfire, i deactivated the old ones and activated the new and then sorted through LOOT. Is there anything else i need to do ?
  4. So i just deactivate the old frostfall/campfire, activate the new frostfall/campfire and launch the game ?
  5. Hey! I love this modpack and i noticed there is a new version of FrostFall and Campfires, how do i go about updating ? I followed the guide like 3 weeks ago i think and i was hoping that i could just download the new frostfall / Campfire and maybe follow your steps to achieve this ? I know it's a lot to ask for. Thanks for the guide, you guys are amazing.
  6. Do we straight up copy your Load order Darth? Or do we sort with LOOT and just let it be? Thanks so much for this guide!
  7. So i am following the guide and everything is going fine however when i get to the part "NPC Retextures - Optional Installation" there is a warning stating "This part is optional. If you use this part don't install NPC Retextures above". So if i installed the NPC Retextures above should i skip that section entirely and continue at "Skin And Body" with "RUSTIC CHILDREN" ?
  8. Hey! So i followed the guide and when i come to merging No snow under the roof there is one .esp there that is called "Prometheus_NSUTR BDS Patch.esp" that needs to be merged and uses better dynamic snow as a master but the guide never says to install it? What am i doing wrong here? And SpiceOfLife - Forts.esp also uses Better dynamic snow as a master
  9. I cant seem to find BOD2 ? https://imgur.com/a/8GUbi Nvm, i found BOD2 Or is there a step-by-step guide i can follow? Do i move BOD2 under CollegeOfWinterholdImmersive.esp or under SRLE Extended Conflict Resolution.esp?
  10. Do i load collegeofwinterholdimmersive.esp only? In Tes5edit that is, i dont really know how to do this.
  11. Hi! Whenever i equip the arch mages robes after you've completed the main college of winterhold questline, my character goes bald. Look at this:https://imgur.com/a/vtxmb How can this be fixed?
  12. I believe you're right. Now off to another issue (Sorry!), my follower is knocked out and wont wake up. I've tried with healing hands which has always worked before but he wont wake up and when i wait 3 hours in game he still wont wake up. If i do leaders teleport he teleports to me but is laying flat on the ground. What can i do ? If i open the console and do the command resurrect he awakes but naked without his gear.
  13. I've been running into some problems with NPC dialogues regarding certain quests. Basically, the dialog option required to proceed with a quest is not there, it's not showing up. So far there have been 2 quests affected by this. 1. Good Intentions - The college of winterhold quest line involving sarthaal, basically i have discovered the orb and retrieved the 3 stolen books but when i am to mention the book "Night of tears" to Tolfdir, the option to do is not there when i speak with him. He is standing there in the same spot, waiting for me, all the time. https://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Good_Intentions 2. Blood on the ice - A murder has happened in Windhelm and i've been in charged of investigating these murders however i cannot ask assistance from Jorleif, on the of the quest objectives. There is no dialog to do so.https://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Blood_on_the_Ice This was my own fault, it has been resolved now. I had missed to pick up a certain item. Can this be a loadorder fault? I've been sorting with L.O.O.T with the SRLE extended LOOT rules in place.
  14. Hey everyone, so what is the procedure regarding updating Apocalypse ? Explain like im five please :D
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