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  1. Does anyone also hqve issue with NAC, where screens goes shaky in splotches of bright 8 bits colors ? So far I hqve narrowed to be near a robot which has been modifiy on the workbench with the following torso mods Sensor arrayStealth fieldResistance fieldRegeneration fieldand some ghouls that emit radiations
  2. wow weird it works fine if I use Fallout 4 Configuration Tool to disable preculled objecty, but not if I do it manually thx for the tip
  3. I did the test with TPC and it works I already have bUseCombinedObjects=0 bUsePreCulledObjects=0 in Fallout4Custom.ini I added the same lines in Fallout4.ini still the same Somehow it looks like bUsePreCulledObjects=0 in not read properly by engine, because If I type TPC, console says "PreCulling is now disabled"
  4. Same thing I have the settings bUseCombinedObjects=0 and bUsePreCulledObjects=0 as recommended, but I get full parts of cities disapearing I wouldn't mind a few flickering building, but when I get disapearing stuff to hat extend (taken from invisible Startlight Screen Top) I think it's time to remove the PreVis Patch What does the Navmesh patch in [ModWiki 2.2.6] [Core] [WorldPatch] do ?
  5. I have updated to Modwiki 2.2.6 V6 Worldpatch still there, but using the esp from CORE Modlist Loadorder the culling panel from the worldpatch are still acting very weird ie Starlight 1step forward and it gets worse around Starlight
  6. Weird, colming back after 2 months hiatus, the culling is all going bonkers in my game (ie starlight screen is ok till I get close then it disapears) I tried to reinstall worldpach (with big preculling ba2), upgrading from 2.2.2 to 2.2.6 , reinstalling worldpatch, changing ini settings nothing works, one culling issue is fixed here another appears there. Will wait for modwiki 2.3 guide to start from scratch. will you make a separate page for NAC ? (from what I understood, there are much more settings in the new version)
  7. Settled in Uk : Check Internet acces: Check :: Ofc lots of changes while I was away I'm runing modwiki 2.22 with world patch 6 Do I need to take any precautions before upgrading to 2.25 ? Weird thing lasy night, all building walls were gone unless I switched from UsePreculledObjects=0 bUseCombinedObjects=1 to UsePreculledObjects=0 bUseCombinedObjects=0 ...guess it's probably better to wait for guide 2.30 and do a full review of my setup
  8. Why not leaving it as a patch for CORE instead of merging it to CORE ? IMO it will make modwiki more flexible for people who don't like a lighting mod or want to change weather mod But it's maybe too much time consuming to maintain a bazzilion of patches
  9. The wife is happy to move from France to Uk. Poms they are, but at least they speak english (as you have guessed she is aussie too)
  10. By sea change I meant moving country. Last Friday, works told me I have to report to our London Office on May 2nd So lots of things to organise in less than 3 weeks Yay...
  11. Going back after a few days (organising a Sea Change in 3 weeks = no fun ) I see there is a new world patch What settings do you need for bUseCombinedObjects and bUsePreCulledObjects for v6 ?
  12. Ah... ok (penny dropped) for me that was filed under sprint bug, not preculling thingy is the MODWiki-DNV_HAIA-Hotfix v5 still compatible with World Patch v5.1 ?
  13. is BTI beantown Interior ? because I can't find those preculling instuctions in their nexus page
  14. Diamond City Outskirts - The Hole REDUX, I am not sure But Hangman's Alley Interior Apartments transform a shithole into a nice settlement, so yes I keep that one. So if unsderstand, I need to make sure that no world mods I added have a navmesh conflicts (the Worldpatch fixes navmesh conflicts from Modwiki world mods) going to google that ;)
  15. Just to be sure Any World mod (like Hangman's Alley Interior Apartments, Diamond City Outskirts - The Hole REDUX) have to be loaded after the worldpatch so they won't be affected by the patch culling Same for Tree mods ?
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