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Mod Organizer .ini tweaks through .ini editor not taking effect



I cant for the life of me figure this out haha. Basically, ive tried testing if disabling the startup movie works through the .ini editor in mo. Whenever i edit the skyrim.ini through mo and launch the game (again through mo), it plays the movie. When i go into the .ini files in the skyrim directory itself, (c:/my documents/my games/skyrim/skyrim.ini ) add the line there, and proceed to launch through mo again, it skips the movie. Ive tried multiple clean installs of skyrim and mod organizer with no luck.


Any help I can get would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Wow, this feels embarrassingly simple. I couldve sworn I had steam open and running before this happened, and whenever i would launch through MO it would think it wasnt started up and try to initialize it and give me an error. But i tried it this morning and it worked perfectly haha. Thank you.

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