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I little graphics improvment (nvidia users)

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For starters to thank Neovalen on his amazing guide :)


This is my small contribution ( because I'm saving money for a new gpu I can't donate, I really can't enjoy the game with constant fps drops :/ )


In nvidia control panel -> change resolution -> Output dynamic range -> change to full instead of limited ( amd users probably have something similar )

This gives a bit more color and makes a small but noticable difference :)


Hope this makes your adventuring more enjoyable :)



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This only works if you plug your monitor into your graphics card with HDMI (I'm assuming DisplayPort works the same.), I have one monitor HDMI and the other VGA and it only works on the HDMI monitor.


Little Difference but when your out for screenshots any little bit helps.  :^_^:

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Turning off those two would increase performance. However that's mostly ambient occlusion as that has to do with dynamic (sort of) shadows and shadows are performance intensive. You may notice issues with textures from turning subsurface scattering off though, mostly skin textures I believe IIRC. Thanks for the tip about the color, if I ever go dual screen I wonder if outputting through a DVI->HDMI adapter would allow the effect to work on both. 

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I even disabled the two AA options in enblocal but still the game is very irritating and then that moment when you turn off the enb and realize your gpu just dosen't have enough memory :(

This is making me think about taking a loan and building a ****** monster just to play it....

I'll just wait to earn the money, so a long break from skyrim awaits :( 

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Thank you guys :)

I used the enb setting in the medium systems guide, also downloaded Realvisions inis, it seems to have helped, the mini-freezes are now stuttering :P but its a bit more bearable to play the game, I'm to lazy(would even know how to do that) to optimize textures from mods, of course when I was installing I didn't go over 2k.

Still can't wait to earn the money for at least a new gpu :P

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