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Disabling or uninstalling Frostfall and iNeed

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    • By ToughGhost
      Downloaded all mods following STEP Guide using Mod Organizer.  Added Frostfall, Campfire, True Storms, and Real Shelter.  When I load an old save or a new game, SkyUI does not even show up in MCM, and both Frostfall and Campfire have tabs but no menu options under them.  In my old save, Frostfall/Campfire still works and all my items and powers and whatnot are still there and usable, but I can't configure anything with MCM.  In a new game, I can't start Frostfall by looking up at the sky, haven't tried the console but the issue is that I can't configure any of the settings in MCM regardless.  SkyUI - I'm assuming - is what would cause the icons above each inventory menu (weapons, food, potions, etc.) to not be showing up, either.  It's very frustrating because I've uninstalled and reinstalled each of these mods and run all the necessary patchers after each new install.  I'm stumped.  
    • By JUNKdeLUXE
      Just having received my new PC, I really wanted to get back to modding Skyrim and I've just completed the full Skyrim:Revisited - Legendary Edition.. so far I like it (although it takes some time to load). What I don't like is having to micromanage my character and quickly got irritated by the features that these survival immersion mods (Frostfall and iNeed) added.
      Can I safely disable and/or uninstall these mods without fubaring (****ed Up Beyond Any Repair) my install? Please have in mind that I will also be adding REGS and PerMa (as well as a few other mods, player homes etc).
      Thanks in advance :D
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