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Trying to revert to ugrids 5 unsuccessfully; tips?



So, my first STEP game so far has been fun for the most part but I get a bit too many outdoor crashes for my tastes. I tinkered with removing mods or using clean inis and such, and the only fix I've found that seemed to work (on a new save anyhow) has been to revert my ugrids to 5. Apparently despite relatively beefy hardware, ugrids 7 seems to be a big part of the problem...


So I've been trying the usual procedure to revert my main save to ugrids 5; loading it, alt-tabbing, modifying ugrids back to 5 / 36, saving on a new save. Once I do that, if I go to the main menu I can reload that specific new save, but as soon as I leave the game, and try to load that save, it CTDs mid-loading. It seems my save game has been addicted to ugrids 7 even though its bad for her :p


I'd like to know if anyone has ideas to salvage this beyond starting a new game or accepting the instability?



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I have seen it mentioned once before, I dont know all the things which can become tied in with your save apart from everything distant being viewed earlier, but I do know AI can become dependant on it too, and as everyone is slowly coming to realise .. maybe bethsofts advice not to change it might not be so rubbish after all :)


Did you refresh your ini via the console .. procedure is :


Start Skyrim and load up a saved game.

Use ALT+TAB to switch out of Skyrim and back to your Desktop.

Edit the Skyrim.ini file as normal, modifying the uGridsToLoad variable to the desired lower value. Save Skyrim.ini and close it.

Use ALT+TAB to switch back to Skyrim.

Open the Command Console using the tilde ~ key and type refreshini.

Save your game to a new save slot, and it should now have the correct new uGridsToLoad value.

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Yes, I did do refreshini, sorry forgot to write down that part. But absolutely did it.


Thanks for the help tho. I was unaware ugrids was an officially unadvised tweak. I know its dangerous at upper values but had always believed 7 to be safe; perhaps not so much after all.

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In that case .. no idea :(


Someone else may be able to help, my experience is very limited, tried it on the desktop back in february I think after going up to 7 and it was successfull, but started a new game afterwards anyway to be sure.


Tried it once on my laptop after trying going down to 3 (yep, wanting to go back up to 5) .. ooooh that was a bad idea :)


But with the 1.8 beta probably getting close to going live, maybe its probably best for a delete / regenerate of ini's and new game time when released. Performance wise I am finding the beta a slightly noticeable improvement which is getting harder to spot these days.

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Best thing is to revert to a savegame before you changed ugrids. All your mods and ini settings get baked into your savegame, ugrids happens to be particularly unstable and also more difficult to get back out if you have issues.


Yeah, that would be before uh, Helgen, since this was part of my initial settings, but thats what I'm resolved to do. I'll scrap this game and start over with default ugrids and a slightly lessened amount of mods, possibly with the new beta patch too. Bit of a shame as it was going great, but hey, happens.


I still have another issue to track down beforehand tho, but thank you, youve all been helpful.

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