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FNIS has not been successfully run or installed



Repost from the FNIS nexus forum:


A question. Im using MO 1.3.7, run fnis 5.5 with the correct patches and do this since a long time. Never bothered to move the files out of the overwrite folder, instead deleted everything and run fnis again, if anything changed with my animations.
Today I deceided to put more significance on an empty overwrite folder so I clean overwrite, run fnis, create mod FNISoutput from the overwrite files and put this mod into loadorder making sure nothing overwrites the fnis files in it. I followed https://wiki.step-project.com/Fores_New_Idles_in_Skyrim to be sure that I dont screw up.
I log into game and get the following message:
FNIS has not been successfully run or installed. SL currently requires a working install of FNIS 5.1.1 <snip>
Ingame animations of SL dont work. But why?

Removing the created FNIS mod, updating behaviour and starting skyrim with files in overwrite folder and no errormessage and everything seems alright.
I did google for fnis+mo but didnt found anything useful btw.

I do not provide support related to Mod Organizer (MO), and in particular for MO installation issues.
Please go to the following S.T.E.P. thread: [ Q & A ] Using FNIS with Mod Organizer
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No I did not forget to activate the Output mod.

But I think I got it "fixed".

I have a pretty old cpu and if I install a mod and click quickly on activate I get the errormessage:

"esp nicht gefunden: modname.esp"

If I make a pause before activating the installed mod this doesnt happen.

So far I always thought this happens only for mods with esp files, but probably this problem hits every mod, only the texture replacers etc. wont throw out an MO errormessage.

This might have had happen here.

Mark this thread as solved.

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