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Dual Sheath Redux patch issue



When aplying the patch I receive the message "skyproc.exceptions.MissingMaster: Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esp has some missing masters: -Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp Please activate and try again."

I re-downloaded and istalled both the Dawnguard and Skyrim patches. No joy. I've read the instructions several times. what am I missing?


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Oddly, I was about to post a very similar question. I'm attempting an installation of STEP and am also having problems with the Unofficial Dawnguard Patch not seeing the (installed and checked) Unofficial Skyrim Patch.

I have successfully been using STEP 2.2.8 on my Windows 7 x64/10 x64 dual boot system until recently, when i decided to update the latest STEP. The entire installation (other than the Java runtime, which is in its default location) is on a separate hard drive partition, well away from UAC effects. I have reinstalled a base install of Skyrim with all DLCs via Steam and followed (as far as I can tell) the STEP guide.  I've tried using both the external and internal FOMOD installers for the Dual Blades Redux mod, with no improvement in the message given when generating the patch.

If it helps for debugging, I'm willing to let someone log on with Teamviewer to have a look at my installation, and attempt to puzzle out what's wrong. Advice please?

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