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SkyProc Patchers suddenly not working

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I don't get what's going on.  I decided to update SRLE and went to run SUM again.


Only now it's not detecting any of the patchers. And the SkyProc patchers weren't mods that were updated.  So I don't get why they aren't showing up. 


I've tried reinstalling SUM.  Didn't work.


I've tried running the patchers individually.  They don't see the MO files.  Yes, i'm running them through MO.


I've deleted them from the executables list, and re-added them from the Data panel.  No change.


I'm at a complete loss.  



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They are.


The only thing "weird" i'm doing is that i'm running Skyrim off my SSD with a mlink setup to the usual Steam install folder.  But everything ELSE is working just fine, and not having any issues with that setup.  


I'm running on Windows 10, but that didn't matter last week when I was working on this.


Yes, I'm running the latest 32-bit version of Java, and yes when i try to run the patchers separately, I try using the 32-bit Headspace bat files provided by the authors.

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I think I encountered a similar problem recently. I have been working my way thru the STEP guide.

When I got to them none of the skypro patchers worked.

I would get a missing esp message about a esp that was clearly loaded.


Once I applied the DS patch I had one patcher that would work but adding any other would result in again this error.


The error message is misleading.


I found the solution by accident while looking over this step article




There is a good description of the problem and how to fix it. 

It has to do with a recent version change to the Unofficial Skyrim Patch. 

Since applying the steps indicated in the above all has been well.


Hope this helps.


Good work neovalen I learned a great deal from the details in your SR-LE guide.

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