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Game crashes - memory block hits 26



Hi all,


I've spent a weekend installing Skyrim and all the steps for STEP Extended.


I've also applied an ENB and a couple of other seemingly harmless mods.


Anyways, the game crashes when casting a spell, and I have a lot of trouble loading my save games.  Extremely frustrating.  


I was about to give up on this game again - but I found this thread: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/632420-casting-causes-ctd/


Sounds like what I'm having.  I installed MemoryBlocksLog and found that I'm hitting 256 when the game crashes.  What do I do now to increase this memory limit.


I have Windows 10, 16GB RAM, and a 6GB graphics card.  

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I'm so sorry.... a few more minutes of searching and I wouldn't have needed this thread.  I've set up my SKSE.ini file now with DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB=1024 (although it seems to limit itself to 768).


I guess while I'm here, given that I have excessive amounts of memory, are there any other memory tweaks I should be setting in secret-squirrel-ini files etc?

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