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What do patches do? Which INI settings are recommended?



Hey guys,


I'm sorry to disturb you this late :p, as I mentionned in my subject title, I need a little bit of clarity concerning STEP Guide. I already done STEP approximately one year ago maybe more. And I didn't remember patches. I don't really understand the purposes of patches as it's brand new to me and I hadn't see it the first time. What is the role of that type of mods? Also there is difference between INI tweaks in the section guide 1.D and Skyrim Configuration Settings Guide. Which of them do I need to choose?


I'm trying to make the best suited experience in skyrim with your guide and I really love your job, thx for that :).


Thx for any answers you provide =)


Good night fellows


PS : I had few problems to distinguish difference between core Mods and Extended mods as I tried to find in tables something write "STEP:Core" in notes :p and after a second reading I find the little greenish tab means Core ^^... Some feedback for you :)

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To put it very simple: the patches allow multiple mods with conflicting edits to the game to work properly with each other.


I'd say that you definitely want to to consider using the 1.D.1 and 1.D.2 settings.  The other settings in the Skyrim Configuration Settings Guide are proceeded by a note: "Notice: The STEP Guide DOES NOT officially recommend all of the following settings, but rather that all of the following INI entries are valid. These settings may improve the user experience, but each setting will be system/environment dependent. The values indicated are usually best for the "Recommended System"."

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Thanks for your quick answer Dragonborn :) it helps me alot ^^. So if I may understand correctly patches, you created that for STEP for compatibility? That's pretty nice guys, good job :D.

Dragonborn is the most helpful person around here next to Dragon Lord.

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