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DynDOLOD cannot read data from DynDOLOD_Tamriel.json

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After completing the DynDOLOD tutorial I have this issue where in the top left of the screen I get a message saying that "DynDOLOD cannot read data from DynDOLOD_Tamriel.json". I spawned in Whiterun as a Companion and this happens every few seconds. Any ideas?

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Unfortunately, it did not work. I first spawned in Jorvaskr and saved in there. I closed the game, unchecked DynDOLOD and then saved again in Jorvaskr. Upon exiting Jorvaskr and entering Whiterun, the same issue arose. I kept getting the message. So, this time I tried to save in Jorvaskr, exit the game, untick DDL.esp, enter the game, but instead of saving inside Jorvaskr I saved outside in Whiterun. I then saved and reticked it. The first time I chose to continue my game it crashed, but then the seconhd time it worked. However, upon entering the game, the message still appeared. I don't know what to do. 


Should I just delete DynDOLOD and redo the entire process, starting from downloading the actual file and .esp and then doing the TES5Edit scripts?

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That's okay. I decided to reinstall DynDOLOD. First I re-downloaded the DynDOLOD Edit Scripts and replaced them with the old ones in TES5Edit, and then I re-installed the Data from the mod in MO and did the TexGen and Worlds guide. Works like a charm now.

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I reloaded my savegame, went into MCM, DDL was still missing.  I wait a bit, and got the MCM message that DDL successfully initialized, and 1 new MCM menu registered.


I played for over an hour, and no DDL error message came thru.  After I was done playing, I checked the MCM menu, and sure enough, the last message was that it successfully initialized..  


I dunno what happened, why etc... but still glad that it's finally fixed, and learned a thing or two in the process.  I'll be more confident when I'll be updating DDL now.


On the crash matter, hard to say if it's better, played a bit more than an hour, and had one crash.


Thanks for helping out!   

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