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LOOT white screen at launch





I've been using Mod Organizer for a few months, it works great, LOOT through MO too... but not today.


I tried to launch LOOT through MO, but all I have is a white screen.


I tried to launch LOOT on its own, it works, no problem. But through MO, I get a white window (see below).


I waited a few minutes, and nothing happen, nothing gets loaded, just this white window.


I have MO v1.3.8 and LOOT v0.7.1 (at first I had v0.7, I updated to v0.7.1, but same problem).

I use MO for Skyrim, LOOT is installed in E:\Games\LOOT, and MOD in the Skyrim folder.

I have no issue with Wrye Bash, TES5Edit and SKSE when I lanch them through MO, just with LOOT.


Any ideas?


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The error usually occurs when MO was initiated via a download of a mod from Nexus, and not via a desktop shortcut, for whatever reason the switch removes that error.

You can safely remove the switch if you ensure MO is started via a shortcut before using LOOT, but there is no gain from removing the switch.

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Okay, I almost always download manually, so I can check the archive if I need to.

I have a double screen and use DisplayFusion, and I launch MO via a shortcut on the toolbar added on the 2nd screen by DisplayFusion.

Could be the origin of the issue?

Thanks for the feedback.

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I doubt that is the cause in your case, though I could be wrong, the issue did take some time to pinpoint and the 'switch fix' to be seen as the way to go. For ease all round just keep that switch in your arguments setting and all should be good.

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