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Wrye Bash "This page cannot be displayed""



I've followed the STEP: Extended Guide and when making the bashed patch, Wrye Bash showed:


"This page cannot be displayed" - in a smaller window


The html document from MO's overwrite folder gives me the same message.


I tried patching twice, and the files made were the same, ending with this line: {{CSS:wtxt_sand_small.css}}


So, is this just a display error that has been reported before, or should I be concerned?

EDIT: Also, I have a bashed patch in the data folder, probably made when I first installed wrye bash just before any STEP mods.
Should I remove that bashed patch from DATA?
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Heya, thanks for digging up the old bug reports, and sorry that we ran into them in the first place.


I've read through the links, up to Tannin's resolution of: "Will Not Fix"


So, are you still stuck with the same behavior in your MO, or are you using a workaround that I didn't figure out from reading? :/



About the original bashed patch in the Data folder: I'll keep it as you suggest it's harmless, though in GamerPoets' video, he doesn't have one.

I'll just place new bashed patches after it.



EDIT: I mean, I also figured the error message had something to do with IE, I also have Chrome installed.

However, the html document shows the same error when I run it through explorer and/or MO.

I read that Chrome doesn't handle Java anymore, I have no idea if Java is involved in this though.

I'll be trying the Microsoft resolution ideas for now:



If I can't fix the doc bug anytime soon, what's a good way to just be sure any new bashed patch I make turns out in working order? 

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The reason why @Tannin has marked this as "will not fix" is because he is working on a completely new 'hooking' system that should eliminate all these types of issues.


I haven't run into this lately largely because I haven't run WB for months. It probably is there but since it doesn't affect the actual patch, there is no issue for me.

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The unmanaged Bashed Patch is the one that often gets thrown into Data if you happen to run WB and not actually complete running the Bashed Patch. It's very likely a blank plugin in any case.


If it annoys you seeing it in the Unmanaged area, you can always delete it. 

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