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  1. Before going through with the DynDoLod process: https://wiki.step-project.com/Dynamic_Distant_Objects_LOD#Recommendations Is the DynDoLod mod supposed to be checked in the left pane of MO, or not? The guide explicitly says to activate STEP LOD textures, and it says to enable DynDoLod.esp at the very end... which leaves me to believe that the DynDoLod mod needs to not be checked in MO during this process? EDIT: The 2nd Apply Filter warning that DynDoLod.esp isn't last in order, more or less tells me, ^ assumption was wrong? And are FNIS + DynDoLod in fact supposed to be placed after bashed patch + DSR, despite not being labeled as (SkyProc) patchers by MO?
  2. Heya, thanks for digging up the old bug reports, and sorry that we ran into them in the first place. I've read through the links, up to Tannin's resolution of: "Will Not Fix" So, are you still stuck with the same behavior in your MO, or are you using a workaround that I didn't figure out from reading? :/ --------- About the original bashed patch in the Data folder: I'll keep it as you suggest it's harmless, though in GamerPoets' video, he doesn't have one. I'll just place new bashed patches after it. EDIT: I mean, I also figured the error message had something to do with IE, I also have Chrome installed. However, the html document shows the same error when I run it through explorer and/or MO. I read that Chrome doesn't handle Java anymore, I have no idea if Java is involved in this though. I'll be trying the Microsoft resolution ideas for now: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2715633 If I can't fix the doc bug anytime soon, what's a good way to just be sure any new bashed patch I make turns out in working order?
  3. Bump, also wondering if DSR output should be placed under the bashed patch, since STEP says to place Better Weapons weapons under the DSR patch(es)
  4. So, FNIS has a new main file uploaded June 27th, version 5_5 Would you advise to install the new version, rather than FNIS Behavior and FNIS Behavior V5_4_2 Fix 1 ? Or, is it better to wait for feedback on it and consider upgrading with the next STEP release?
  5. I've followed the STEP: Extended Guide and when making the bashed patch, Wrye Bash showed: "This page cannot be displayed" - in a smaller window The html document from MO's overwrite folder gives me the same message. I tried patching twice, and the files made were the same, ending with this line: {{CSS:wtxt_sand_small.css}} So, is this just a display error that has been reported before, or should I be concerned? EDIT: Also, I have a bashed patch in the data folder, probably made when I first installed wrye bash just before any STEP mods.Should I remove that bashed patch from DATA?
  6. I'm not really understanding why some mods are Green/needed while others aren't. This is especially when considering textures. Specifically, do I really have to download the High Res DLC to complete STEP: Core? Or, do the green labels have more to do with Baseline rather than Core, and I can ignore some texture mods, etc.?
  7. STEP instructions for cleaning Dragonborn.esm: "In Overwrite you will find three items: a TES5Edit Backups folder, Dragonborn.esm, and a Strings folder." I don't get the Strings folder. Should I troubleshoot this somehow, or what? GamerPoets doesn't cover Dragonborn in his video.
  8. Some points along the STEP process and overall use of Mod Organizer seem to conflict, or at least cause concern. I'm wondering just how fragile these settings are and what the right setup should be. 1) Skyrim Install Location I understand that UAC settings may interfere with editing files in the Programs Files folders. However, if running all tools needed for modding Skyrim as Administrator, allowing access to all folders, and/or turning off UAC... Is there any danger outside of that? Can, say, cleaning or patching mods simply fail because of that file location? 2-a) Automatic Archive Invalidation "This ensures data files from mods are actually used. You want to enable this unless you use a different tool for Archive Invalidation." 2-b) Back-Date BSAs "For Skyrim, this can be used instead of Archive Invalidation. It should make AI redundant for all Profiles." So... for STEP, Automatic Archive Invalidation should be turned off for any profile using STEP guidelines? Well, how can the user identify whether they have Back-Date BSAs enabled? Can it be re-disabled? 2-c) Have MO manage archives For STEP, should this be enabled along with Back-Date BSAs? 3) Mod Order I'm under the impression that using Mod Organizer should alleviate the paranoia of trying a new mod, or any mod setup for that matter. I assume that since the Data folder isn't actually being overwritten, install order for mods doesn't matter at all? Rather, that Load Order and/or BSA + loose file placement are all that govern how a mod setup will work, and can be improved upon at any point? However, seeing the install order for STEP made me wonder... is every mod installation as critical as it was with Nexus Mod Manager? -------------- Basically, it would be good to understand how each of these settings work as to not rely on STEP as a crutch. When following the STEP guide, I found these points to stand out as major cause for concern. I mean, there seemed to be 3 options and end results: STEP: Core, Extended or a Custom setup that each required a patch ultimately. Though, how mutually exclusive are they? Do I need to complete STEP: Core 100% as instructed... before considering Extended? Or, can I test how the mods not required for CORE work for me and decide after having tested in my own pace, just making sure to continue where I left off in the process of the guide? I haven't begun my first playthrough, and I have no savegames to worry about, nothing to lose. And yet, going through the process of modding with Mod Organizer, which I did due to the proposed benefits of it... I began to harbor these doubts. I'm sure you've covered these points at least in regards to the STEP process rather well, but they're still intimidating... at least for me. Please shed some light on this. If you direct me to the Mod Organizer Wiki... well, I'll facepalm.
  9. When I tried the 272 wrapper version it didn't work. Neither worked for version 262, only 272's injector. Does the wrapper version just not work for some people? I edited my last post with some benchmark info, though not in the form you're used to. Can I expect to run STEP: Core with the low quality version and not have problems, since I'd be replacing unoptimized Vanilla textures and tweaking for performance wherever possible? The rest of my specs shouldn't have a problem handling scripts and whatnot, right? Or does STEP: Core even at the lowest spectrum push towards the 3.1 Gb limit, forcing me to use ENBoost, therein lying the problem?
  10. Thank you for the guidance. I was as surprised as you, honestly. RECOMMENDED:Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD CPU Memory: 4GB System RAM Video Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible NVIDIA or AMD ATI video card with 1GB of RAM (Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 or higher; ATI Radeon 4890 or higher) Though, I'm over the idea of running at 60 fps. Those requirements are definitely for 30 fps. Logs at minimum settings. As far as adding mods, I should be able to get a stable STEP: Core setup going I think.I'll benchmark as I progress, and likely make another thread in the appropriate subforum. I was wondering though, have you ever gotten reports of ENBoost interfering with Skyrim Performance Monitor?https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/6491/?I'll adjust to your benchmarking method either way.
  11. Hi Gang. 5 days in and I finally found STEP: Core, after looking for guidance from Gopher and GamerPoets. I've familiarized myself with the tools needed, and am starting to follow STEP: Core. However, I am unhappy with the results of using ENBoost. I'm unsure if it's actually beneficial to me, having 896 mb VRam and 4Gigs Ram. With Vsync enabled, I can hit 30 fps drops too easily, with just 5-10 npcs or looking at Riverwood from the bridge. I benchmarked in-game and my GPU uses 100% most of the time indoors. 70% outdoors. CPU almost always 30%. ^ Using Skyrim Performance Monitor, which refuses to run while ENBInjector is active. So, I'm not sure of the actual effect of ENBoost. This is with every possible setting minimized, at 60+fps. Near rivers I can go over 120 fps and get screen flickers... see link. https://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2580126 I am really hating the notion of using Vsync. Can I use an Fps Limiter instead? If so, which one? Is ENBoost(or VSync) truly required for every1 following STEP: Core? If so, why is it needed exactly? My Spec https://wiki.step-project.com/User:ShiranZou/SystemSpecs
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