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Removing SkyRe Scripts?



Sorry, this is not a step build, I read that you guys don't officially support NON step builds, so if this is against the rules, please remove. Onto the problem I have.


I have been playing a new char I have, very good one, 200 hours in, having fun, enjoying as it was the first time playing.


I use Perkus Maximus (all modules and PCaPP), then I use SkyRe_EnemyAI and SkyRe_EnemyScaling which is compatible with PerMa. (Note: My load order is fine, I consider myself fairly advanced in setting up load orders and so on, as I have tested it very troughly with test characters.)


When installing SkyRe, you get all the scripts, even tho you choose only a few modules, as in, if you only install SkyRe_EnemyAI, you also get all the scripts intended for all the other modules. Although I am unsure if this is something possible to change.


My problem here is, I am running a stable load order with PerMa using all the scripts by SkyRe, when only using the SkyRe EnemyAI and EnemyScaling.


So, is it possible to uninstall SkyRe EnemyScaling and EnemyAI plus all the scripts while still keeping the save using a save script cleaner tool afterwards? Or is my save going to depend on all those scripts even tho I don't use all the modules that those scripts need?


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