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Everybody is the same :(

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So this recent SRLE install I did was actually my first time coming back to Skyrim since Bethesda put Dawnguard out and I'd forgotten the fact that everybody looks and sounds the same. I went through 3 followers, in a row, that all sounded the same. Is there any remedy for this? I realize that there really isn't much that can be done for voice acting other than using something like Interesting NPCs or a custom voiced follower but how about a large scale face overhaul? I've checked out a few mods that replace followers like Bijin Warmaidens and while that one isn't bad, I really don't like the anime waifu aesthetic that the vast majority of mods go for. At least with Bijin, the nords look nordic. Still, a lot of these mods replace the same people. This also does nothing for the mans. It's kinda dumb that there are 2 nearly identical dudes in Riverwood with atleast one copy in Whiterun (that I can think of). So yeah, does anyone know of any mods that replace a lot of the less popular, non-follower npcs?

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