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  1. The merge guide that was here is kaput as of today (as far as I know)
  2. Quick question about merging with the new standalone: how are you supposed to merge esps that have uskp as a master? I keep getting a "failed to initialize" error when I start up the standalone. False alarm: downloaded the replacement esps but forgot to put them in ><
  3. Yeah, that is what I was thinking. Should I just nuke my MO folder and then reinstall Skyrim? or is there some better way to do this?
  4. After not playing for Skyrim for about a month and a half, I was wondering what was the best way of updating my install. Should I just download updates and re-install the outdated mods or should I nuke my install and start over? I should add: I use SRLE as a base and have a bunch of stuff on top of that.
  5. Yep, tried it before posting the thread and again when you recommended it with no luck.
  6. Yeah, running with an ENB seems ok. It's running without that is the issue.
  7. Hmm I've been running without the esp for all my attempts thus far. Sadly, even with a new game, I still crash when I try to exit the LAL prison cell thingy. In any case, I've swapped ENBs as well. When I started out trying to figure it out, it was because VandB was suffering from a lot of stuttering despite having dropped a lot of settings. I've since switched to NLA and I'm getting much better performance, nearly no stuttering and all this without having to turn anything down. So even if we are unable to figure this no enb situation out, I'm running NLA now. Thanks for all your help thus far TechAngel85.
  8. This is what it looks like with the Disable ENB setting: https://i.imgur.com/TVz9F9m.jpg
  9. I yelled "FROM DOWNTOWN" as I tried the long shot and it still didn't work :/
  10. Nope, no missing masters. The only lighting and weather stuff I have installed is the stuff that is on the SRLE list.
  11. I've tried disabling both the Terrain Parallax fix for Vivid Landscapes and the terrainparallax setting in enbseries as I've mentioned earlier with no luck :/ Also, I'm having this problem regardless of whether I use the 3 enb files for enboost or not.
  12. Is there anything in SRLE that requires ENB? That's what I used as a base.
  13. Verifying the cache evidently replaced 2 files. Despite that, still nada :|
  14. I'm not entirely sure what verify cache does? In this situation, will it remove any leftovers and leave everything else unchanged? What about things I've installed in my Skyrim folder eg ENB Manager etc. Will I need to redo any kajiggering/configuration after I verify?
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