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Arissa the wandring rogue and Skyrim Revisited

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I have, and the only oddity that occured so far is with NPC Knockout Overhaul. Once she enters the bleedout/knockout stage she sometimes doesn't 'revive' or stays in the crawling state for a long time. This happens with both the 'NPC Follower KO' option checked and unchecked. When this happens it's impossible to talk to her (the NPC KO overhaul prompt that allows you to search/grab/revive doesn't show up). It doesn't always happen though and sometimes when I left her in that state she would magically reappear upon entering an inn a while later. I have not found a solution yet.


Also, the EFF 'wheel' doesn't work with her, you will need to use the traditional dialogue options to talk/trade with her. iNeed works well, but you need to manage her food through the 'Let's manage your equipment' dialogue option, not the 'I need to trade things with you' option. The only exception there is the 'Followers purchase food' option from iNeed. This requires you to give money to your follower, but as Arissa won't take my money I get a message from iNeed every 10 seconds or so saying 'Your follower complains about the lack of money to buy food with' (or something similar).


So yeah, basically don't use the Followers purchase food option from iNeed and you will need to experiment a bit with NPC Knockout Overhaul to see what works for you.

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  I am taking a guess that "Arissa 2.x - Convenient Horses 5.0 Patch" would be installed after "EFF Compatibility Collection Patch for EFF and CH" or else Arissa's patch is redundant.


  Did you also use the UNPB Body with the mature skin texture option So that the armors fit right?

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