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Forum or web page update tracking software


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With Nexus' new changes to their forum servers they've dropped the one useful thing I use all the time:

"My Content".

With that setting all the threads that I have either posted on or tracked are listed with the current first unread post showing at the top, just as we do here.


Many, many years ago I seem to remember using software to track web pages that I was interested in, sort of like RSS for news feeds. I looking to find something similar now to track the 'Posts' tab on various mod pages in the Nexus.


Does anyone know of or use anything that does what I'm after? I'm going to do my own search but if there are some good suggestions.



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I don't know if I should view this as a good thing or not, I can find nothing that accurately tracks the disparate mods I track for MO references. Chrome extensions, web scrapers, purpose built software, nothing, they all are either useless junk or accounts to tracking services that offer more issues than results.


At least now my morning regimen is significantly shorter, it took me about an hour to work through the 60+ pages in my Nexus tracked content and most of that time was for useless posts not really related to what I was looking for.


More than likely I will just whittle the list down to the absolute minimum and just do the old fashioned way of actually visiting the Nexus page and read the posts. :O_o: So cumbersome though, not really a good way to track MO issues across many mods.

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Not sure specifically what you mean. Nexus uses IPB as we do, and "My Content" is available from the forums under your user profile menu just as it is here. I also still see the mod tracker is active.


I guess I am not familiar with the functionality of which you speak.

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Yeah, after a few days of work on their end, 'My Content' is back also. Just too quick to assume they were dropping it.

Actually I kind of wish that did drop it, now my routine has been drawn back into checking redundant threads just because they were commented on recently. I so wish there was a way to prune some of the deadwood from that list.

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