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Failed to Assign to Job Object 5




So, I've been using MO for about 6 months and I'm about 400+ hours into a stable Skyrim play when suddenly I began having problems with either TESVEdit or MO. MO has started giving me a 'Failed to Assign to Job Object 5' error whenever I try to use TESVEdit to create merge patch or create DynDOLOD. I can open and run TESVEdit just fine but  when I save at the end of session I recieve this error in MO and no patch or .esp created appears. However, when I open TESVEdit it will show patches and/or .esps I have created with it but they are no where to actually be found. I can't find them with a system search either. TESVEdit shows an output folder in the running program but not in the folder structure itself. I had been using it just fine up until 3 days ago when halfway through the day this started out of the blue. I hadn't changed anything and my system doesn't auto update anything till 4am.  

I realize that this may be a TESVEdit problem but I can't find anything on Google that's relevant nor in the various Skyrim/TESVEdit/MO forums and the only error mentioned is the 'Failed to Assign to Job Object 5' in MO.

I'm using Win7 x64
I'm running the game, MO, TESVEdit, LOOT, etc... from X:\  (it's a 2nd HD for my games, music and such with on my C:\)

Let me know what else you might want to know

Help is much appreciated

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