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  1. ​This was in the CharacterMakingExtended log file that's inside Overwrite skse_ExCharGen_plugin load Load ini: data\Meshes\CharacterMakingExtender\commontriraces\mbs_humanraces_slider.ini Load ini: data\Meshes\CharacterMakingExtender\commontriraces\mbs_orcraces_slider.ini Load ini: data\Meshes\CharacterMakingExtender\commontriraces\mbs_elfraces_slider.ini Load ini: data\Meshes\CharacterMakingExtender\commontriraces\mbs_defaultraces_slider.ini Load ini: data\Meshes\CharacterMakingExtender\commontriraces\unsupportedraces_slider.ini match race: Nord info: cache tri, check start. info: cache tri, success. info: replace morph on memory, check start. info: replace morph on memory, success. match race: Noiral - morphs are unsupported. color and scale slider only. match race: Noiral - morphs are unsupported. color and scale slider only.
  2. Hi, ​When I install Noiral race through MO2 they are missing their brows and there is no slider bar to choose brows but there is bars for adjusting them. However, when I install Noiral race through NMM the brows show on player as usual. I'm using CBBE and it is installed and functioning correctly on NPCs, and I also use ECE and all extra sliders from that mod work fine. Thanks for any help, J
  3. So after trouble getting the latest xEdit 3.1.1 to work; I finally got it running with no errors (had to install it as a mod in the mod folder for some reason) So I have DynDOLOD generated and appears to have worked but 2 problems exist: 1) Distant trees in the Whiterun region possibly generated by Great Forest of Whiterun are yellow and white from a distance; 2) In the MCM Menu DynDOLOD shows as inactive even though it seems to be working. This was installed on a mid-game save Any ideas?
  4. Is there any way to run DynDOLOD with previous version of TES5Edit (3.1)? I know this is probably a ridiculous question but I cannot get 3.1.1 to run without errors. I just won't run properly but 3.1 works great. I would really like to try this.
  5. I don't use JK's Skyrim.esp; the .esp I use is called Jk's Skyrim Major Cities.esp. I had to ditch the former for compatibility with ETAC. For some reason depite showing the correct load and order in initial startup is seems to be looking for an .esp that I no longer use. It is literally removed from MO's download folder as well as mods folder. I don't think it even exists on my computer at this point in time. DynDOLOD is brand new with an empty cache folder in TES5Edit.
  6. Sorry it took me a few days to reply but so far I have only tried with my full load. It is a fresh plugin and the folder contains nothing.
  7. I got past the error I was getting with job object and this is what I encountered while loading plugins, I don't know if it's a TES5Edit problem of DynDOLOD. I use JKs major cities but not the whole skyrim mod and they are loaded before DynDOLOD; it is loaded at the very bottom.
  8. When I run TES5Edit while loading the plugins I get an error that tells me that I need to load JK's Skyrim before DynDOLOD; the strange thing is that I only use JK's major cities AND those files are loaded before DynDOLOD. DynDOLOD is loaded last in the order. I have checked the load that TES5Edit is loading and it's correct and reflects my load in MO but then tells me that I need to load a plugin that I dont use before DynDOLOD. I'm kinda stumped
  9. Error in unit 'smash' on line 895 : Undeclared Identifier 'ebi' This is the error I got while trying Smash. I am using xEdit 3.1 NOT 3.1.1 As mentioned in my thread in the xEdit forum, I am currently unable to use the newest xEdit. Would this be the reason for this error? Forgive my ignorance, I am only user aware of xEdit and haven't any real knowledge of the programs rhymes or reasons.
  10. Just in case it matters I run MO, TES5Edit, Skyrim, etc.... from X:\ drive directly which is my 2nd drive for game stuff. MO is ran as Admin from the Compatability Properties but no others.
  11. Yes, it does. All mods are shown properly and if I run a merge patch or DynDOLOD for example it will go through the proper steps but the file is not actually created anywhere. Just to double check; I have searched my whole computer just in case it for some odd reason stuck it on another drive but nothing is actually created. The only indicator is the error mentioned in MO on the log line at the bottom. I have tried running 3.1 and 3.1.1 from the same location with the same folder name and only 3.1 will work correctly. It knows.....
  12. Thanks for the replies guys; I appreciate any help. I'd give ya a log from TES5Edit but it doesn't create a log. So MO is open and if I run TES5Edit 3.1 it runs fine, if I run 3.1.1 then it throws the above mentioned error. TES5Edit does technically run but any changes or files created are not saved despite the save function saying they are. Let me know what I can do to help you cause I want to run DynDOLOD and 3.1.1 is necesary to do that since 3.1 tells me to update to 3.1.1 and hence my problem.
  13. Sheson, Yes, that's the one; i also tried the version on AFK's site and the newest on Nexus but all 3 throw the same error inside MO and no log file is created. If I switch back to 3.1 then TES5Edit works fine but once I use the DYnDOLOD script it tells me I need to update TES5Edit and gives me the address for AFK's site.
  14. I think it's a TES5Edit problem so this could probably be closed
  15. I can't use DynDOLOD with the new version of TES5Edit (3.1.1), it gives me a 'Failed to assign to job object 5' error. I can run 3.1 but it tells me I need to update to 3.1.1 to use DynDOLOD. How can I get around this? I'd really like to try out DynDOLOD but right now Im stuck. Any ideas? I also posted to the XEdit forum but I only found 1 other post about the issue and there wasn't an answer to the problem so I thought I'd ask here since this mod is the only one I cant use with TES5Edit 3.1
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