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The Most Important Question of All (for me)



I use a Xbox 360 controller to play Skyrim. Following thru the STEP install and up to the point of installing better dialogue controls I become overly suspicious that after 2 days of this I am going to find out that I will never get it to work because it is only for those who use keyboard and mouse. Better dialogue control and the mod next in the list seem to be for people who use keyboard and mouse. So I want to ask if someone can tell me do I really need a mod or two or three that are for keyboard users when I do not and will not paly the game with a keyboard. As much as I love console commands I still dislike having to UN recline and get my keyboard from its safe spot and change how high I can jump or how much weight I can carry then put my keyboard away so I can recline and get my controller back in hand. So I need to know if I am S.O.L. on the whole step project??? Is there any appendices to apply to controller users specifying which mods un-necessary??? Mainly I want to know if all controller players are just left out. Also I am up to step 2-E in the install and I still don't have any idea if I am an extended patch user or not. Some clue here would be helpful. I know I want to be an extended patch user but I don't know when or how that happens.

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thanx , uhhh.......I have found sveral mods that I cannot use because I play with a controller instead of mouse and keyboard.....like jazonx positioner...what an awesome mod....but I am unable to enjoy it because I use a controller. My main fear now is that This whole five day process of installing STEP is going to be a complete waste of time because it is based on keyboard and mouse and cannot be achieved with a controller....Am I making any sense??? I'll be very upset if all of this leads to failure because I do not use keyboard and mouse as my controller. Of course I use keyboard and mouse all the time. Dropping stuff and using console commands to duplicate you have to use the mouse and keyboard, unlocking chests and doors uses mouse and keyboard....I know .I know I am already using the keyboard and mouse all the time but I am not going to give up my controller. So can you tell me if my fears are groundless??? or am I gonna get five days in and find it all for naught???

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