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MOD Skyrim Realistic Texture Overhaul - Dragonborn

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Wow... that is quite the thorough reporting. Thanks for letting me know chopain, thankfully I hadn't used any more of his textures just yet.


Edit: Guide updated to reflect - unfortunately most of those textures are not touched by other texture packs so they are now reverted to HRDLC.

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I recently updated my credits with more information on this kind of stuff as I think honesty is the best policy. I have only used two commercial softwares in a non-commercial way. I have educational licences for Autodesk software now, but as I am always trying various versions out, I was on the 30 day trials when I created my models (which does not restrict you to education only). I also in the past, used some overlays from Genetica, which I made virtually from the ground up under a trial and saved. As I only use photos I take for a base, this was pretty handy to layer on them and make them look more detailed. I have just been using GIMP plugins for this lately so they are not really in use any more.


I am actually proud that I have never been on any image website and taken photos from there. My recent texture for the cobblestone in Grassias was taken from my backyard for example. I like using references and various noise profiles to create textures from nothing. The end result is much more personal. It feels good.


Not pointing fingers by the way, but Real Ice uses a clearly unedited Genetica texture (which I have hinted at before around here) without any credit to them. I am not bitter enough to get Yuril banned though obviously. I will probably switch to Blender in the future and go totally opensource (and get that SLR I want). Mind you without a static PC and no time hardly, it might not work out very well for me. :-(

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