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Is STEP v2.2.9.1 dev is exploitable ?



Hey there,


I used to play Skyrim long time ago (and then I took ...) with the compiler step pdf guide for modding on nexus. I stopped playing, never finished the story. But few weeks ago, I start thinking of reinstall skyrim, fully modded. I remembered the STEP guide, looked for it and wow ! It is now a full community with forum and wiki, great job guys !  :woot:


I said few weeks ago because I was at the time carefully planning my week off my job (wife and kids away : time for some deep RPG immersion ::P:). I saw that the was upon release and my fingers was crossed to have it release for my week off. But then there was the steam paid mods stuff wich shoke the skyrim modding community and as far I have understand, delayed the STEP release.


But here it is, my week off just started and I am facing a dilemma : I read on your facebook page that the guide is almost ready, only one mod is holding u back (and some other minors tweaking). May be it will be tomorow, may be it will be at the end of the week. One week is nothing when you look back at the previous STEP release, but as I said, it is a big deal for me (won't have so much time next week !).


I found the dev version of the next STEP guide here :



So here is my questions :

  • Is this guide is updated enough ? Aka does it reflect the progress you were talking about in your facebook comment on your last post ?
  • Can I used it so far ?
  • Upgrade will it easy ? (like if you only tweaking a mod or two, will have just to replace them without big issues ?) Or will I have to make a clean install/character creation ?
  • Are you advising me to hold on and wait ? (please dont  ::(:


Many thanks in advance for your time and your answers, and sorry to be THE guy that can't wait (literally) for a 6+ months work to be release properly...


And again, amazing work !

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None as of right now. Relighting Skyrim and DynDOLOD are the two mods (not one...my mistake on that post) that are holding up the release right now, but those can be added into a current game so you'll be good. You just won't have the updated STEP patches yet.

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I will use the 2.2.9 STEP patches in the meantime add won't remove any file from mods that are marked with "not needed if you use STEP [extended] patch" during the installation. I guess it will be the best compromise : better have redundant files thant missing files ::P:


Also for the 2 mods you mentioned :

  • Relighting Skyrim looks incredible ! I will try to add it at the end of the STEP setup the non script version using the nexus page to help ordering it (but I can't wait the proper STEP integration !)
  • For DynDOLOD, it also seems to be a must have. I'm guessing you are trying different configurations to offer the community already processed files. I will just give it a try, even if it won't be the best result you can have.
And if that does not work, I will remove then and patiently wait the next STEP release with the proper files/instructions.


Thanks again for your answers ::):

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